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We offer WeatherWool Fabric so that other people can make things ... and we really love to see what they make. So far, only a couple of companies have made things with our Fabric. Quite a few individuals have made personal items, but for some reason I cannot fathom, I decided (except for one youngster from Utah), until April of 2022, to limit this page to commercial efforts. But going forward we will be happy to show everything, professional or personal, that people have done with our Fabrics.

We have been contacted by other companies not shown here, a couple of them very large and well-known companies, but they have not yet pulled the trigger. I wonder what might happen down the road.

It would be great if people who have in mind a custom garment but don't know the craftspeople who can make it might eventually find the help they need here.

Listed alphabetically are some people who have done things with our Fabric:

  • American Trench made a Navy Peacoat with our Fabric
  • APROE ... I need to get some photos of the Hooded Jackets that APROE made with our Fabric!
  • Heat Straps USA picked up a few yards of our Fabric in January 2022 and we will soon see what Jordan and Tyler Lang come up with. Jordan and Tyler are brothers and Firefighters in Jersey City, Jersey!
  • Madrona Wear is making some things with our Fabric, but I'm not yet sure what, so for now we link to their own website. They will be happy to make things for people.
  • Advisor Jesse Manuta has made a garment or two for himself
  • Texas: A customer from Texas bought a few yards of MidWeight Lynx Pattern to make Bibs. Need to find out if he wants to be shown here.
  • Smoking Jacket: In January of 2022, Steven Hill bought some of our FullWeight Lynx to work on a smoker (as in smoking meat) cover ... The Original Smoking Jacket!
  • Tom Yung: Tom, the proprietor of The Tao of Self-Defense, worked with a tailor in Vancouver, BC
  • Utah Youngster: A talented Mom enabled her little guy to look like Dad
  • Yonder Co. USA: Cody and Emily Loeffler are developing a Made In USA line of products


Some other stuff is going on, also, I think:

  • In March of 2022, a testing lab in Paris ordered a yard. (91 cm.) I should ask them what's up?
  • In January of 2022, a good customer from Japan ordered 15 yards (13 meters).
  • In October of 2021, Kristof from Hungary ordered about a dozen yards (11 meters).


17 June 2022 --- Ralph