Hardcore Luxury® Best Wool in the Woods®


From the start of WeatherWool, we decided we would not make anything that was obviously "camo". But with the possible exception of Black, everything that we make is difficult to see in Nature.

There are at least two somewhat different objectives to camo ... be unnoticed by people, and be unnoticed by animals. Birds may be a bit of a middle ground, because everyone seems convinced birds see color really well. 

Humans generally pick out our Black color pretty easily in Natural settings. Our Black is a true black, and that's not such a common color in Nature. But that's just my opinion. Other people I've discussed this with disagree completely.

Some people view our Lynx Pattern as camouflage, but we have tested it extensively in public, and people generally do not see it as camouflage, even though in Nature it is very difficult to see. Many times, while wearing Solid Drab Color Pants and a Lynx Pattern Jacket, I've had deer, turkeys and foxes walk up close and not really see me ... sometimes even staring at me for several minutes, within a few steps. We love that customers have told us they've been approached by strangers in public places who told them, very earnestly, "that jacket would make excellent camouflage".

For people concerned with avoiding notice by animals, my own view is that scent, sound, movement and silhouette are all more important than any camo pattern. And I like to wear Drab Pants and Lynx Jacket in order to break my silhouette. The combination of Drab and Lynx also works very well if I need to make some stops in town on the way home from the woods.


24 January 2021 --- Ralph