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Our Colors

  • DRAB is a solid color that we developed ourselves.   It is similar to the familiar Olive Drab, but we have flattened it out even more by adding some gray.    Drab really disappears in a lot of settings.    When people see Drab, they often don't know what color to call it.  We love that.


  • LYNX is our own proprietary pattern. Lynx disappears in a wide variety of natural settings and is much admired as general outerwear. We laughingly started referring to Lynx as camo-camo when one of our customers told us about an incident in a shopping mall.  A stranger was staring at his jacket, and said very soberly, "You know, THAT would be good camouflage." People who are not camouflage-minded just think Lynx is a very interesting and attractive pattern, and really like it for the look alone.    But people who think camo immediately know Lynx is great camo.  Advisor Randy Dewing wore his Lynx Pattern Anorak over a dress shirt and tie to a graduation ceremony at the University where he is employed.  You can see a picture on his Advisor page. His comments are typical: "What’s interesting about wearing the Lynx patter is that no one seems to think it is camouflage. Whenever I wear camo people always give me good-natured ribbing about it. Wearing that Anorak, people comment on how nice the wool is, but no one says anything about camo. To me, it looks like a camouflage hunting jacket…but it’s just a nice wool coat if you aren’t a hunter." Other people have asked who is the designer. ......... Lynx uses 5 yarn colors and has been extensively field tested. The complexity of Lynx pattern requires it be woven on a Jacquard loom, but we also weave our Solid Colors on the Jacquard for the enhanced performance it enables in the Fabric.


  • BLACK, from WeatherWool, is a true black. Unlike our other colors, black is conspicuous in nature, at least to a human eye, but obviously works for the black bears (although a lot of them are not black either) and many other animals. Black is always a favorite color and works everyone unless you are seeking concealment from human eyes.


  • DUFF is another earth tone that we developed ourselves. By design, Duff closely matches the color of the leaf and plant litter on the forest floor, which scientists call "duff".  Duff blends extremely well into natural settings, and, like Drab, is difficult to focus on except in direct light. Duff looks great in a city setting.