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[Almost all the Blogging is by Ralph, for better or worse!] 

The WeatherWool blogs should chronicle pretty much everything going on with WeatherWool and related topics. Problem is, tho, I often don't get around to putting up some great stuff that could go here!  Sorry ...

Please give us your input ... on WeatherWool and anything else relevant. We want to develop the clothing you want to wear! We want to know what you are doing. So please contact us! My preference is telephone, 831-704-1776, which is answered 24/7/365. But we appreciate people getting in touch by whatever means they prefer.

All input is much appreciated! We will be happy to add your thoughts and pictures to the Blogs, elsewhere on this website, and/or our social media accounts ... WeatherWool is pretty active on Instagram and we have a Facebook page too, and social media will have some of the material that ought to go on the blog, or may overlap the blog.

It's a little funny now, reading some of the first Blogs, how clueless I was about what I was getting into. And the Blogs didn't even start until more than two years after we began the company!

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15 April 2021 --- Ralph