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American Trench

NOTE:  The WeatherWool Peacoat from American Trench is now available for pre-order ... please click here for full information about the Peacoat and to read American Trench's perspective about our Fabric.

Our friends Jacob and David at American Trench used our MidWeight DRAB Fabric to make a traditionally-designed Navy Peacoat. They are hoping to offer the Peacoat in Fall of 2017. American Trench out of Philadelphia, offering American-made, very high-quality products.

I believe it was Jacob who characterized WeatherWool as a "Fabric company that also makes garments." That was a very apt characterization, given that our Fabric was a good three years in development. Coincidentally, it has also taken three years for this collaboration to mature ...

We were showing WeatherWool at The American Field Market in Brooklyn in 2014 when we met Jacob and David, and they were immediately thinking about making something with our Fabric. It took a while, but the debuted the American Trench WeatherWool Peacoat at the Liberty Show in New York City's Jacob Javits Convention Center in summer of 2017. The Peacoat was very well received and generated a lot of enthusiasm. We are eager to see what happens next.

American Trench did an Instagram Post on the Peacoat, and they used this great line, among others ... WeatherWool Fabric “is crazy soft with almost a cashmere feel but wears like armor.”

This picture is taken from the Instagram Post.
WeatherWool Peacoat made and sold by American Trench
On 29 October 2017, American Trench put up another IG Post, which we reposted. The re-post got more prompt attention and "I WANT THAT" sort of comments than anything else we've ever put on Instagram.


 4 November 2017