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American made Merino WeatherWool Poncho in Wool, hunting, birding
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
Selvedge Poncho
WeatherWool pure wool Merino Jacquard Poncho with Hood
Selvedge Poncho
Selvedge Poncho
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Fabric Palette

Selvedge Poncho


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Ponchos | One Size | $795


We are Sold Out of Ponchos so the price is set to $0 to enable free backorders.  Later this year, we'll make more Ponchos in many Fabrics.

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Factory8 completed work on a small run of Ponchos in March, and so far we are getting great feedback.  I tested it some myself in Yellowstone in early April, in mild blizzard conditions.  (It wasn't much below freezing, but lots of wind and heavy snow.)   I was wearing a FullWeight Poncho and it is definitely a beast!

One of the things we really like about a Poncho is that it offers so much versatility, and versatility is a very large part of what we are about.

We haven't made Ponchos in several years.  This new version is a total beast compared to the previous ... much bigger, with additional features:

  • The first production run of updated Ponchos were all made with our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric, including the selvedge. But people asked for a lighter Poncho, so we'll be making Ponchos in all our FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics ... and maybe even Denim
  • These Ponchos are large ... we use the entire width of the bolt of Fabric, including the selvedge ... 57 inches (145 cm) across.  Next run, they MAY be a little narrower because the bolts may vary in width.  The front of the Poncho is about 42 inches (107 cm) and the back a little longer at about 44 inches (112 cm)
  • VERY Generously-sized Hood. The Hood can be snugged by drawstrings located at either side of the neck and a draw-strap with buckle at the back of the head.  Fully relaxed (expanded), the Hood will protect your face from wind and weather coming from above or from the sides.  Depending how you adjust the Hood, you may want to wear a hat with a bill.  But a hat is not needed if you use the rear draw strap to pull the Hood back.  The draw strings at the sides let you snug the Hood close around the head.
  • Poncho has a chest placket that can be opened for ventilation of buttoned shut (Slot Buttons) all the way up to the neck
  • On either side of the chest placket is a large pocket secured by a zipper.  The left-side pocket has a cell-phone sleeve
  • There are Slot Buttons along the entire length of each side of the Poncho.  These buttons are about 3 inches (7.5 cm) apart, 11 buttons on each side
  • A large Front Pouch that can be entered from both sides, and closed with a button at each side. The bottom three inches or so (7 cm) on each side of the Front Pouch is sewn shut, creating a "gutter" for added security of contents.  Within the front pouch, sewn to the main panel of the Poncho, is an elastic organizer strip to hold two items securely
  • Hidden from sight on the inside of the Poncho, behind the Front Pouch, is a Handwarmer Pouch, almost as large as the Front Pouch
  • Inside the Handwarmer Pouch is another zippered pocket, easily large enough to secure the biggest cell phone, a wallet and passport
  • The Poncho can be used as a blanket
  • At the bottom of the Poncho, the borders are doubled to improve the drape and balance ... but also ... the Borders are tubular.  Lying flat, they are about three inches (7.5 cm).  A supporting rod up to about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter can be run inside the borders ... this should enable the Poncho to be used as a tarp or lean-to shelter, but we have not tested that yet.  Please LMK if you do! 
  • In FullWeight Fabrics, the Poncho weighs 6 pounds, 5 ounces (2.9 kg).  MidWeight will weigh about 4.5 pounds (2 kg)
  • In the "on location" pictures, Fisher, your NYC-area Advisor, wears an older-version Drab Poncho over a CPO Shirt in Duff (this was before the switch to Brown)

A mounted soldier in Ukraine told me a Poncho can provide tremendous warmth to a rider by capturing heat rising from a horse.

In testing, I was nicely surprised to find I could even mostly keep weather coming from the front off my face by tucking my chin inside the Poncho, pulling down on the side cords, relaxing the rear strap and looking down.  Not the most natural way to walk, but better than wind or incoming sleet.

The photos show the previous generation of Poncho.  The previous Poncho did not have Chest Pockets, and it had only one button on each side.  We'll get new photos soon.

Thanks --- Ralph

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14 April 2024 --- Ralph


Now that we have shipped a few Ponchos, we will hopefully get a review!  As usual, people send (favorable!) reviews to me directly, but don't post here ...