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We are Sold Out of Shemaghs right now, but we'll make more, pretty soon, in MidWeight Fabrics, Drab Green, Lynx Pattern and Natural White (Cream).

Shemaghs can be backordered now at price of 0.  They will be $225 delivered when we have them back in stock.

Shemaghs are square, about 55 inches (140 cm) on a side.  Sometimes a little smaller, depending on the size of the bolt of Fabric.  

The Shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh, is a traditional head-covering that originated in the Middle East. It is similar to a scarf, but was first used mostly to protect the head and face from blowing sand and dust. Its use has been generalized in many ways ... some more uses are shown in the list at the end of this entry.

We've had a great many requests for Shemaghs over the years.  We were told the FullWeight Shemagh was too thick to be tied off to itself, whereas the corners of the MidWeight were thin enough so they could be tied. But at least one person (see our only-ever negative review below!) found the MidWeight too thick for a Shemagh. Taking his criticism to heart (he said he like it as a Blanket), we are now also offering the Shemagh as a Blanket size.

The Shemagh is a simple square piece of our MidWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric merrowed on all four sides.  Our bolts of Fabric average 55 inches across (135 cm), and this Shemagh is a square sized off the width of the bolt. As you can see in the photo, this is pretty big, but that's what people told me they wanted. I'm 6 feet (183 cm) tall. From early feedback, it seems like we eventually might be offering a smaller size Shemagh, maybe 42x42 inches (107x107 cm). Let me know if interested.

Given that the Shemaghs are offered only in MidWeight Fabric, a discussion of the differences between FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics may be of interest.

We really need feedback from everyone who purchases, please. You can publish a review on this website (see below) or contact me directly. THANK YOU!

Advisor Will Cooke has told me about intended uses beyond the basic head-covering. Will greatly prizes Freedom. He lives outdoors in Nature much of the time and owns only what fits in a rucksack. Will therefore demands versatility from all his kit and expects to use the Shemagh in a number of ways. Customer Clay C has worn a lot of Shemaghs and agrees our Fabric is thicker than the usual Shemagh, but said that created possibilities he did not anticipate. Ron P was at first concerned the Shemagh was oversized, but decided, like Clay, that there are additional uses. Ron wrote us that he now uses the Shemagh every day. THANKS to Will, Clay, and Ron for their input!

  • Hood
  • Scarf
  • Cape
  • Rain Shield
  • Part of the Sleep System
  • Extra Pillow
  • Extra Layer in Hammock (Ron P)
  • Sitting Cloth
  • Ground Cloth
  • Mini-Blanket / Picnic Blanket (Ron P)
  • Lap Cloth
  • Bag (for holding things!)
  • Potholder
  • Sun Shade (Ron P)
  • Butt Pack (Ron P)
  • First-aid sling (Clay C)
  • Seat for hard surfaces (Ron P)
  • Seat for wet surfaces (grass, rock, log, moss)
  • Strain water prior to boiling
  • Water Transport (Clay C)
  • Even makeshift Skirt while washing pants!
  • Water Transport
  • First-aid Sling
  • Soft pad for cameras (Advisor Dane Lawing)
  • Similar to a cape, one gent told me he doubles the Shemagh, then puts it across his shoulders, either over or under another garment

Care and Cleaning

Details about WeatherWool Construction 


15 January 2024 --- Ralph


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