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Open Plain

We had a wide variety of conditions, from about 20F/-7C up to about 70F/21C. We had calm and wind, clouds and sun, good snow and a touch of rain. I wore Fullweight DRAB pants or Fullweight LYNX Bibs each of the 5 days, and Fullweight LYNX All-Around Jac or Fullweight LYNX Hoodie each day. For base layer I wore briefs and summerweight top. Conditions did not matter, I was perfectly comfortable in all of it. Same story with Alex.



31 May 2017

Our friend and WeatherWool Advisor Heath Gunns of Honored American Veterans Afield took a group of youngsters out on snowmobile in Yellowstone Park around Christmas of 2014. HAVA does some great work. THANKS HEATH!!

Since this picture was taken, Heath has been on a strict fitness regime and he'll be getting quite a bit of much smaller WeatherWool ... but not until he has reached his goals!