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The Americanologists

31 March 2017

The Americanologists seek out and publicize American-made products. Here are a few sentences from the ABOUT US page at www.Americanologist.com: [looks like this site has been taken down]

We're Paul and Kathy, a NJ couple whose 2014 New Year's resolution was to buy more American-made goods. No set amount, no specific percentage of our income – just MORE.

At first we thought it would be really hard to locate products “made here.” But we’ve been amazed by the wide variety of Made-in-USA merchandise we’ve found. This site is where we chronicle our adventures and our discoveries.

We appreciate the interest in WeatherWool and the publicity that The Americanologists have given us. And we really appreciate that they did some testing of WeatherWool and made a serious and successful effort to present accurate information about us.

Please click here to see our story as presented by Paul and Kathy. [link has gone stale.]


As of April 2022, it seems the Americanologists have taken down their site -- Ralph