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South Texas Brush

Even wearing blue jeans and a plain green shirt, most of me is hard to see in the South Texas winter brush. And this picture was taken from only about 10 yards. If I'd actually been trying to conceal myself, wearing head-to-toe LYNX pattern with face cover and gloves, I would have been invisible



Palo Duro Canyon, near Amarilo

Palo Duro is America's 2nd largest canyon, and winter there can be truly frightful. When KEVOGOLD (Instagram handle) sent us this picture, he confused the heck out of me for a minute ... Here is what I posted on Instagram ... “Winter in TEXAS!? Our customer told us he had our All-Around Jacket in some tough conditions. Temperatures below 0F with a howling wind making it feel even colder ... in Alaska and elsewhere ... So I thought this picture was from Alaska!! Nope!! Texas!!! Palo Duro Canyon! His text message said "It works! WeatherWool!" ... Weather, indeed! Texas is more like a country than a State!”