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We are very serious about testing, and we love to hear from people who want to give WeatherWool a serious workout.

Testers are very important to us when we develop anything new, and although we are not working on anything new now, testers are still important even for established pieces. New people, fresh thinking, different activities, different places ... all can bring us new perspectives and new ideas. Plus, testers can generate great content for us to use on social media, etc., and that is very important.

Testers generally get a 15% discount, but when we are developing a new design, the discount off the expected retail price may be bigger. For example, heavy-duty, extremely serious testers who do careful testing and written eval, along with interesting pictures, deserve more than 15% ... for sure!

As we develop garments, we usually post the progress on this website, and sometimes on Facebook and Instagram as well. Here on the website we have pages devoted to the feedback of both Testers and regular customers (Testimonials). These pages are accessed from the product listings.

We get a kick out of working with people who don't know wool ... if you think synthetics are king, give us a call!

Want to compare WeatherWool to something else? We are definitely up for that. Please check out our Comparison page, and get in touch!

We would also prefer that Testers be willing to allow us to use their names and locations when we post their input on the website and social media, although this is not a requirement.

Testers agree to test thoroughly. They will test the garment in normal as well as unusual conditions. That is ... they will test the garment for the activities and conditions for which it was designed. BUT ... They'll also test the garment in unusually high and unusually low temperatures. High winds, rain, snow. Light base layers. Heavy base layer. Varying levels of activity. Other activities They will try the garment in various outdoor settings ... just about anything can be useful. And the opinions of friends and family, too. And provide written or at least telephone feedback. The testing period will go on for months. Pictures, video ... all kinds of material ... are great, too.

EXAMPLE: A birder is testing our Ladies Field Jacket. She wears the Jacket on birding outings in different weather conditions and in different natural settings (different terrain, different seasons, different vegetation). How is the general fit? Enough freedom of movement? Too bulky? Length of the garment? Length of arms? Sleeves too big or too small? Armhole too high or too low? Shoulders? She'll try different layering combinations and amounts of layering. She'll consider the size and placement of our pockets. The angles of entry. The pocket flaps. The zippers. Does the collar perform? How does the Fabric perform in the chill of morning and in the warmth of the afternoon. Is the balance of wind-resistance and breathability right? Does the color and/or pattern of the Fabric blend into the natural surroundings? Do the birds and other wildlife seem to notice? How do other people react to WeatherWool? Other birders? People at a diner? Civic or professional outing? Comments from friends? Anything you can think of, really. ---- Also, because WeatherWool is outerwear, the base layer is also critical and something that has to be addressed. We recommend only wool under WeatherWool.

Like everyone else who buys WeatherWool, testers can get refunds.

2 August 2018