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Soap Box

For those who are not familiar with the term SOAP BOX ... according to Wikipedia ... in London in the 1870s, it was a standard Sunday afternoon pastime to visit Hyde Park and listen to the "soap box orators" ... people who would stand on a wooden crate and speak their minds. The crates were made for transport of goods such as soap.

It seems like everything gets political these days, but I try to keep that stuff off the website and out of WeatherWool. There are some topics that come up repeatedly, tho, so this page is my soap box.

What about hunting?
My family and I have always enjoyed a variety of Wild Foods, including venison. And it was actually the love of Wild Foods that led me to found WeatherWool.

Among the companies that provide products to outdoors-oriented people, there is a real divide ... do their customers hunt, or not. Very few companies (LL Bean is an exception) seem to be in the good graces of hunters and non-hunters, let alone anti-hunters. We hope our orientation toward Weather can help us to also be an exception, and appeal to outdoors-oriented people of all persuasions. If there is one thing that all of our customers seem to agree on, it is a love of Nature. And all of us who love Nature are natural (sorry) allies in the most important effort ... protection of habitat.


24 July 2018