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Smoking Jacket

In January of 2022, I got a call from Steven Hill, who wanted to use some of our FullWeight Lynx Fabric to develop a cover for a smoker --- that is, a barbecue kettle-style grill that he uses to smoke meats and fish. Not a use I ever, EVER, envisioned! But SURE! I love smoked meats and fish myself!

So we sent Steve some Fabric, and ...

Steven Hill, Founder of TheOriginalSmokingJacket.com, used some WeatherWool FullWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric to make his first Smoking Jacket / Barbecue Grill-Smoker cover!!

I'm looking forward to trying this! And getting back into some smoking myself!

For more info, visit Steve's website.

Thanks, Steve, for a very surprising use of our Fabric, and Best of Luck with the new venture!!



17 June 2022 --- Ralph