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Ski Jacket Reviews

June 2017

Carl Nechtman, who will soon be listed as an Advisor, has been wearing a SkiJac: “... excellent for the north GA mountains. I wear it with a lighter shirt underneath so I can simply remove ... I get strange looks wearing in June though. LOL. I recommend your products highly. The last jacket I will buy unless I have a a house fire.”


Blaine Anthony of Nature Productions, has been wearing WeatherWool since September of 2015. He is an ultra-busy guy ..

Making a living in the field of conservation and television, WeatherWool is an essential part of what I use in the field. Rather than being just clothing, for me it is more like a 'tool' I use anytime I am in the outdoors. As you can see by the pictures, WeatherWool keeps warm in the harsh Northern Maine forest. Just as important, it is rugged. When I am ankle deep in a bear den doing conservation work with bears, roots from trees sticking out everywhere, sharp rocks and many other surprises I cannot predict are constantly coming up… I need gear that will hold up to conditions most people would never have to put their gear through.

WeatherWool has passed every test, and has been through every condition imaginable and I continue to wear it today. There are many companies that claim to be the best, but you have proven your worth and are easily the best value out there for anyone who needs durable and functional outdoor wear.

Blaine Anthony,
“The Bear Whisperer”,