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Sir William Gladstone


Sir William Ewart Gladstone

This guy is a hero to me for this simple philosophy. I'm 63 now, and my patience for aggravation, red tape, petty details and externally imposed requirements is pretty well exhausted. Sorry for the salty language, but Gladstone was an old guy, and at some point i think you've earned the right .......

Sir William Gladstone and WeatherWool PhilosophyWilliam Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898)
"There's so much sh*t to do.
But really, why bother with any of it? You're going to die eventually.
Then you're going to wonder why you bothered with all that sh*t."

This translates to WeatherWool as follows ... We do our best to run the business in a first-class way. The best products we can figure out, and the best customer service we can provide. If you are not happy, you are welcome to a full refund.

Gladstone was the 4-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and consistently ranked by historians as one of the greatest.

30 August 2017