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We want to have some WeatherWool in retail stores so people can have something like a traditional shopping experience. However, because our costs of production are so high, the standard retail model is not feasible. So the retailers that do have WeatherWool will have only two or three pieces available, so that you can get a sense of our garments. The retailer will take your order and we'll work with your retailer to get your wool to you fast. Like every other WeatherWool customer, people who buy WeatherWool through a retailer are entitled to our No-Risk Guarantee.


You can check out some WeatherWool here:

City Workshop Men's Supply Company
271 Main St.
West Orange, NJ 07052


We expect to add another couple of retailers very shortly. Are you a clothing retailer interested in WeatherWool? Or do you know of a retailer that you think might be a good fit? Please call me! -- Thanks -- Ralph


2 August 2018