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Quality Control All-Around Jacket


Quality Control All-Around Jacket
Revised November 2023

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  1. Make sure size tag matches the actual size of garment (measure across chest)
  2. Examine Fabric of entire garment, inside and outside
  3. All threads trimmed and loose threads removed
  4. Check all cord locks
  5. Check all zippers
  6. Pockets symmetrical – bottom of pocket ¾ inch from bottom seam line, all pockets 90 degree angle from center line
  7. Top of cargo pockets level with each other
  8. Inside sleeve – all threads trimmed
  9. Bar tack on cargo pockets – up 2.5 inches on each cargo opening
  10. Yokes even
  11. All Button holes sewn and trimmed properly
  12. All buttons sewn properly
  13. All buttons aligned properly and secure in buttonholes
  14. Label with batch number under size label
  15. Pocket flaps lay flat
  16. Check all sewing is straight and proper tension
  17. Elbow patches on back arm panel
  18. Buttons on back of collar align with Double Hood


22 November 2023 --- Ralph