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Cutting is just one of many procedures needed to turn our Fabric into All-Around Jackets. Here is a description of the cutting process and some of the steps before and after cutting: 

  • On top of the stack of Fabric is a "marker", a huge sheet of paper generated by a Marking Company that specializes in this work.
  • The marking software systems hold complete information about all the pieces of the pattern that make our All-Around Jacket. That is, the software  knows the dimensions of each piece, and how those dimensions vary from size to size (XXSmall up to 3XLarge, a total of eight sizes).
  • The markers combine the sizing information with the "Cutting Ticket", which specifies how many AAJs of each size and color we are making.
  • The marking software then creates the marker -- a sheet of paper that is the same size as a roll of our Fabric.
  • This is a big piece of paper! The rolls of our Fabric are about 54 inches (137 cm) wide and 30 yards (27 meters) long.
  • The marker is like a huge jigsaw puzzle showing all pieces of the pattern, arranged to maximize the yield.
  • The marker is sent to "The Cutters", who follow the marker and cut the Fabric into pieces as shown in the video
  • The end of the video shows a stack of cut Fabric that will become a pocket of the All-Around Jacket.
  • This stack still has the marker on top. The marker is labeled with the name of the pattern piece and the size garment to which this stack of pieces corresponds.
  • Collections of these "bundles" are then sent to the sewing pros who will turn out the finished All-Around Jackets.

 AAJs on the Cutting Table



29 August 2021 --- Ralph