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Pants Reviews

Please click here to read a crazy review from an outing in Idaho.

The following review is from Advisor Michael Anderson, who went on a remarkable trek in the Himalayas:

Hi Ralph and Alex,
I wanted to let you know how well the WW mid [MidWeight] pants went. The quickly changing conditions are illustrated by the attached photos from the village of Thame, Nepal on Apr 11-12. There it went from warm and sunny to cold and snowy over night. In the end it was a regular feature of the trip: dry, dusty, warm to sloppy, sleet, windy. I wore my pants without taking them off, day or night, for the entire 14 days and although wouldn't recommend it in general, they were just what was needed for my trip. The day before we arrived at Everest base camp, the track was ankle deep in semi-frozen mud and yak dung and the next day at EBC we were on snow and ice in the wind. I wore them climbing to 5545 m, where it was hot at the base and cold at the top. In Namche both times it was in the 60s. With my minimal options, no change of clothes was possible or needed.

I also wore them non-stop Apr 24-27 in Kathmandu, including during the earthquake on Apr 25. I lived in them for 2 days on the streets and an additional 2 days inside the U.S. Embassy before finally getting a flight out that wasn't canceled as fast as I could book it. A quick dusting and they were my traveling pants back to the U.S. through the elegant Hammad Doha airport.

The only suggestion I have for an improvement is to angle the bellows pockets like on the current ACU pants. It would make getting things out of the pockets easier in kneeling and crouching positions. Those pockets are giant and I had them stuffed all the time with everything from money and passport to sunscreen and water bottle.

The trip was full of unexpected events, which really played havoc with our plans, but I have nothing but praise for the WW pants which through it all were my first shelter and support.

Thanks, -Michael A.