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Out of Stock

What happens if you order something that is out of stock or a custom/bespoke (made-to-order) item?

  • Some items may be completely sold out, and when that happens, we'll change the order price to $0, and if you order in this case, we will get in touch with you when we prepare for the next production run. No payment info is requested for $0 orders
  • In some cases our inventory is spotty ... we may be sold out of some size/fabric choices, but still have lots of others. If it is feasible, we'll change the price to $0 for the versions that are sold out. In any case, feel free to order, and we'll contact you directly, and come up with a solution
  • We won't charge for garments until we ship -- unless the customer really really wants to pay in advance for some reason. Please click here for information about how online ordering works
  • If you've ordered a custom item, industry practice is to request a significant (50% or so) non-refundable deposit, although mostly we don't do that. We'll discuss your exact needs (sizing and timing) and figure out how to proceed. Please click for more information about custom items
  • If we can't ship immediately, we'll contact you right away and decide with you what to do next. We can review possible substitute items; put you on the waiting list; cancel your order, or maybe something else

We cannot make more stock until we first make more Fabric (a complicated and lengthy process), which will probably take us until around October of 2019, if we are lucky.

THANK YOU --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali

 15 August 2019