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New York

Harriman State Park

Ralph, it's Joe Carpenter. Hope things are well. Was in Harriman this past Monday [27 April 2015] for an overnight and just wanted to give you a brief field report on the WeatherWool Poncho. Now while the poncho was a bit too warm for the hike to the shelter during the day, I was glad I had it with me for the night. I can't tell you the exact temperatures (had to be between 30 and 40) but I decided to really rough it and use it in lieu of my sleeping bag and was well protected. My legs were chilly because I hadn't converted it to an emergency blanket but I feel confident that it would do the job in keeping me warm at night. I don't have any great action shots with it on, but I still wanted to share my story. Can't wait to see your latest edition, thanks again!

 And Joe at Slide Mountain