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New Jersey

Central Jersey, Rockaway River

I'm wearing the first All-Around Jac we ever made. Debby doesn't like me to wear it because we changed the design and improved the tailoring quite a bit. But I like to keep wearing this old one because it's made from our true production Fabric and it has more use on it than any other WeatherWool I have ... so now I'm testing for durability. The temp was about 75F/24C. I was fine wearing the wool until I started hauling 60 or maybe 70 pounds (32 kgs) of geese. Thanks to Fisher Neal for doing most of the shooting, half the carrying and all of the cleaning! Fisher is a multi-faceted guy ... a true professional actor and hunting guide who also teaches people to hunt! And we are happy to have Fisher as a WeatherWool Advisor.

Camo, our large munsterlander, was still rocking and rolling in November 2016, when the pic below was taken. There were a flock of geese on the pond, on the far shore, well out of shotgun range. Camo saw them, and went in after them. When she got close to the geese, they started swimming away, but with no current to fight, she swims faster than they do and they were forced to fly. She made a nice retrieve on one that flew within shotgun range. Given her age and the temperature being right at the freezing mark, I thought she might be too cold to continue hunting, but just the opposite!


Yes, bald eagle spotted in New Jersey!