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April, 2916

Dale Rodefer, of Maryland, is an all-around outdoorsman, a breeder of Small Yellow Labs and a professional rigger. Dale has some WeatherWool and he wrote us to talk about his Big Brim Boonie Hat and his Poncho. Dale’s note follows, slightly edited and used with his permission. THANKS DALE!

Hi Ralph

I wanted to tell you about your wool.

I work as head rigger in what used to be the Baltimore Civic Center. A 50 year old bunker of a building that funnels the wind and chills the bone. Our motto is ’ whatever the weather is outside it is worse in here’

We work 20-hour days that begin and end outside. Last February, it was cold and snowy when Jeff Dunham's truck opened. Inside an 8 degree [Fahrenheit, 5C], 30 mph [48 kph] wind cuts us during load in. By show time it was 80 [80F / 27C] with a hundred percent humidity from the hazers and the body heat of 13,000 fans. Then the show is over, the roll up doors open and it is back to the cold for the load out. In the entertainment business the only thing we pause for is lightning. Wool is what I live in.

A line of light weight wool in black, jack shirt and pants, would be well received among the stage and movie people.

Dale wears his Big Brim Boonie about 360 days out of the year, and has agreed to be an Advisor to spread the word about WeatherWool.