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Leo Grizzaffi

This page hasn't been changed since I put it up on 11 July 2016 --- Wow, I need to give Leo a call! --- Since then, however, we have renamed the garment in these pictures --- the CPO Shirt. And in March of 2022 Leo agreed to become an Advisor. Those are the only updates --- 9 April 2022 --- Ralph

Leo Grizzaffi’s writing is well-known in outdoors-oriented circles. He also appears at a great many industry functions.

Leo had been wearing our FullWeight CPO Shirt in LYNX Pattern for a couple of months when this picture was taken. In this case, Leo decided a somewhat formal look was appropriate to present a valuable award to the beaming Lady. Leo hadn't yet worn the CPO in the field, but he has found in his casual wear that the FullWeight Fabric is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures, and the CPO Shirt and LYNX Pattern attract favorable attention.
WeatherWool ShirtJac in Lynx Pattern, Leo Grizzaffi

Leo really gets around ... The photo below shows a function hosted by the United States Congress House of Representatives. The tabs on the collar are entry badges for the House of Representatives and the US Congress. Part of the development of Lynx Pattern was testing the look, and people's reaction to it, in public places like shopping malls and restaurants. In addition, our customers have reported good experiences wearing Lynx to professional meetings, corporate outings and even Church. And now, THANKS TO LEO ... Congressional functions. Leo said the CPO Shirt was not only appropriate and well-received, but even admired. Makes us happy!
WeatherWool ShirtJac Leo Grizzaffi
The man in the picture with Leo is Commander Phillip Tingarides. Leo also mentioned “I was also stopped by one of the women at the event, who asked me if she could touch the fabric. She said she was very impressed and the outfit looked exceptional and innovative and very positively outstanding as semi-formal wear.” Go, Leo!!

WeatherWool ShirtJac Leo Grizzaffi Concealed CarryLeo is a Shooting and Concealed Carry Instructor ...
... with four handguns concealed under the CPO
WeatherWool ShirtJac Leo Grizzaffi Concealed Carry

Leo also sent us a note and some pictures (above) regarding Concealed Carry and our CPO:

[On May 14, 2016] I mentored a CCW [concealed carry weapon] class being given at a local shooting range/gun store. I did a short lecture on the use of deadly force and ... took the opportunity to show off some shooting attire.

I carried under the CPO four handguns. It was not a large class and it also was to a very select audience. I had a 9mm 1911 Dan Wesson PM-9 on a right hand pancake holster, a 45 1911 Colt National Match in a Gould left hand holster on my left side, a 380 Llama in a shirt pocket holster set for cross draw over my left breast. a 38 S&W model 60 in a inside waist belt holster. No one noticed that I was really carrying a weapon until I opened the CPO Shirt to expose the firepower.

In July of 2016, Leo sent us some pictures from another of his outings. In the picture below, Leo was in the Sierra Mountains at 8000 feet. The temp was in the low 60s Fahrenheit (about 17C). Leo said the CPO was perfect for hiking in the cool early morning as well as enjoying sunny afternoons. We really appreciate that Leo is wearing his CPO in so many different settings. Thanks Leo!!
WeatherWool ShirtJac Leo Grizzaffi California Sierra Mountains

12 June 2022 --- Ralph