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Guns Magazine

21 October 2015. 

[Please note: Guns Mag, near as I can tell, has taken down the articles to which I had links, below. Too bad. If someone really wants to check, there must be hardcopy around somewhere! ... Missing links are noted. Kakkuri has since left Guns Magazine. --- 23 March 2021 --- Ralph]

Mark Kakkuri is a writer for Guns Magazine. We sent him a few pieces of WeatherWool for evaluation in early Fall of 2015. Mark wrote the first review before he had any real cold in Michigan, but the linked article is no longer found on the Guns website. But he did get out in some cold rain and that was enough of a trial for Mark to write some nice words about WeatherWool being on his Christmas list. Then in April, 2016, after a Michigan winter, Mark followed up with another article, but again, the article is gone. This article highlighted our SkiJac. Mark had a lot of good words for us, and here is the heavy-duty line from the second review: “WeatherWool is durable, comfortable, warm, and probably the most perfect fabric I've ever used in cold and wet weather.”
WeatherWool SkiJac Lynx Pattern Mark Kakkuri Guns Magazine
Mark Kakkuri wears our SkiJac in LYNX Pattern and our Big Brim Boonie Hat, also in LYNX Pattern.
WeatherWool Big Brim Boonie Hat Lynx Pattern Mark Kakkuri Guns Magazine
Dave Workman is another writer for Guns, and he published a nice piece on us on 20 June 2017, which has also been removed. Wish I had saved the text or photos of these articles. We also really appreciate that a couple of our customers added their own thoughts at the end of this article.

Thanks Again to Dave and Mark and Guns!

PS -- We have never advertised in Guns Magazine ... or any other magazine for that matter.  Guns published the WeatherWool reviews as a service to their readers.