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This page is an idea I just had in early November 2020 ... Seems long overdue!

Who are our customers? Shortest answer is anyone who deals with Weather that gets cool or cold. But actually, people do wear WeatherWool indoors ... some because their house is cold and some because they work in cold indoor places. And some people have no intention of ever taking our Blankets outside ...

But overwhelmingly, WeatherWool goes outside. Mostly, probably, people just wear it because it's comfortable, effective and attractive. But there are a lot of people who wear WeatherWool for a specific activity. Our Versatility Page has photos of the more surprising (to me, at least) activities in the following list, such as commercial diving:

  1. Alpinists
  2. Anglers
  3. Arborists
  4. Artists
  5. Backpackers
  6. Bicycle Riders
  7. Builders
  8. Bushcrafters
  9. Campers
  10. Canoeists
  11. Cinematographers
  12. Commercial Divers (under a dry suit)
  13. Commuters
  14. Dock Workers
  15. Dog Walkers
  16. Farmers
  17. Fire Fighters
  18. Fishermen (Commercial)
  19. Foragers
  20. Foresters
  21. Formal/Semi-Formal Occasions
  22. Gamekeepers
  23. Golfers
  24. Guides
  25. Hikers
  26. Horseback Riders
  27. Hunters
  28. Insurance Adjusters
  29. Landscapers and Landscape Architects
  30. Law Officers
  31. Loggers
  32. Meditators
  33. Metal Workers
  34. Military Personnel
  35. Naturalists
  36. Open Fire Cooking
  37. Photographers
  38. Property Managers
  39. Ranchers
  40. Realtors
  41. Scuba Diving (on wet bare skin right after coming out of the water)
  42. Search and Rescue
  43. Security Personnel
  44. Shooters
  45. Skiers
  46. Surveyors
  47. Survivalists
  48. Trappers
  49. Trekkers
  50. Wildlife Biologists


Because WeatherWool is more expensive than most other outerwear, we often hear that it's for the wealthy. But there are many people who value quality and American origins enough that they will save and budget for WeatherWool. Lots of our customers have made monthly payments.


9 December 2020 --- Ralph