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Basic Vest Reviews

I have been remiss here ... we've gotten plenty of feedback on the Basic Vest, but for some reason I have not posted any of it until now ...


On 20 June 2019, we received a very nice email from Tim Dillon of New York, who has had a Basic Vest since early spring of 2019. We really appreciate the feedback and the suggestions! Thanks Tim!

Hi Ralph  --  I thought it may be a good time to let you know how the vest is working out and include a couple of suggestions for future upgrades. I thought when I bought it back in early Spring that I wouldn't get much use out of it. I was wrong on that thought  -  I've used it almost daily since.  It's been rained on, been thru some pretty strong winds, has been sprayed with salt water waves and has lived thru a cold foggy night of painting in the sand dunes. In all of that, I have never been cold, wet or uncomfortable. This is one hell of a vest! 
If you ever want to upgrade the vest, hear is what I was thinking
  1. Make a mid weight version. I think that would be perfect for warm days/nights.
  2. Put a pocket on the inside of the vest. Large enough to hold a phone or notebook/pencil. 
  3. Add a collar. this would keep the wind off the neck area



20 June 2019