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Pictures and Comments from the Field

This page presents a collection of a lot of things.  Pictures and Comments from the field (and the cities), of course, but also many other subjects ... information about Import Duties, people we work with, things we do ... any content that seems like it would be of interest.

The pages linked below show material from many sources, but what we like best is sent by our customers. We love all kinds of input! Please send us your photos, videos, stories, comments, suggestions, criticism, ideas, wish-list ... anything! -- Thanks

Quick-pic of Lynx Pattern and Solid Drab Color in South Texas

Facebook ... Instagram ... and we are just beginning to host Video on this website.

We have a YouTube Channel with a bunch of videos but the great majority of videos about WeatherWool have been done by others, and are posted on their own channels. You can find a few of those videos by clicking here. At this point, videos where people are wearing and even reviewing WeatherWool are coming out too quickly for me to keep up with. People don't tell me when they are putting out a video, let alone ask me to review for accuracy.

We post on Instagram and Facebook often (usually same post on each). We plan to do a lot more video as time allows... along with many other things.

These first few links bring up pages with collections:


The following pages are listed mostly by location, but sometimes by subject. I am very far behind here. I started this page long ago and circumstances have really changed. In those days we used anything we had permission to use. We are soooooo grateful to all our customers, and particularly those who sent us photos years ago!!


A Tale of Two Anoraks ... funny story about an extra Anorak shipped by mistake ... actually, two stories

Alaska: WeatherWool evaluated on the Arctic Ocean Pack Ice by an official gear tester of the United States Army. Please note that the tester is not commenting on behalf of the Army, or in his official capacity.

Always Gear: WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean describes the gear he always has on hand for May-September outings in Northern Maine

Arizona: Quick Pic as we passed through

California: We have lots of photos from Cali but just a couple here now ...

Colorado: A few things cooking in CO!

Commercial Diving on the Mississippi River and elsewhere. Never thought our wool would be going under water with professionals!

Connecticut: This picture is funny, but very instructive!

Countries:  The growing list of countries where WeatherWool has been

Denmark: I think we will soon have more pics from Denmark ...

Customers:  Who wears WeatherWool

Firewood: Bucking and Splitting Firewood with hand-tools in Maine ... old-school!

FullWeight or MidWeight? ... This page discusses the differences between our FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics and garments, and which might be more suitable for a given person or situation.

Germany: A couple of pictures by Advisor Harald Krauss in the German Forest

Grandfather and World War One ... kind of amazing!!

Import Duties: Some information about the taxes payable when customers outside the USA buy WeatherWool

Indiana:  A quick-pic of Wild Edible Chestnuts from Advisor Randy Dewing

Indiana: Advisor Randy Dewing shows how to remove burrs

Ireland: The Cliffs of Moher in early Summer, 2018

Japan: Summit Sunrise on Mount Fuji

Lab Tests:  Well, these are NOT from the field ...

Lynx Pattern: Our signature Lynx Pattern in Various Settings

Maine:  Blaine Antony, the Bear Whisperer;  Advisor Mike Dean

Maryland:  WeatherWool Advisor Dale Rodefer is from MD

Michigan:  Our Big Brim Boonie Hat on Lake Michigan

Mike Dean Anorak ReviewAdvisor Mike Dean sent this Anorak Review to a WarriorWool customer, and I decided to make it a free-standing page here

Mississippi River: Commercial Divers wear WeatherWool before, after and even during underwater operations on the Mississippi River and elsewhere

MontanaWeatherWool Advisor Heath Gunns

Nebraska:  Lynx disappears in the weeds

Nepal:  Two straight weeks of trekking in MidWeight Pants by Advisor Michael

Nevada:  A couple of "our Ranchers" skiing Tahoe

New Hampshire: Mount Washington

New Jersey: We are from Jersey ... we might have a real collection here, eventually

New Jersey: Revelation Farms

New Jersey Deer:  Jersey is a great State for a venison hunter

New Jersey:  Porch Pirate NOT

New Jersey Swamp Fox! -- Foxes Dancing

New Jersey:  THE SWAMP ... The Swamp is big for us and for WeatherWool

New Jersey:  Surf Fishing (Part One, I hope!)

New Mexico:  A few things from New Mexico

New York: New York is much bigger than New York City

New York and Other Cities: WeatherWool in the Cityscape

New York City Surprise (actually two surprises)

Norway: We have numerous customers in Norway but this pic is from a German!

Ohio: Dave Canterbury of Pathfinder Survival is testing WeatherWool

Open House: You are invited to WeatherWool Headquarters

the "Other Ralph":  That's me ....

Pennsylvania:  We are in PA often, and we have an Advisor there, too

Pennsylvania:  Grandpa's Old Oak Tree

Philippines: Sunrise on Mount Pulag

Polypropylene in Wool: You don't want polypro in your wool!

Rain: WeatherWool does the job in the rain ... three stories

Sweden: Our catalog model Hampus Svard in Sweden (but without us!)

Tailored Industry: The people who knit our Neck Gaiters and Watch Caps

Texas:  We have Advisors and other things happening there.  This page will grow!

Utah:  Irresistible! 

Vermont:  WeatherWool sees a lot of use in VT

Versatility: WeatherWool works in surprising places and situations. And this is a big part of what we are about!

Virginia:  Only one set of pics from VA so far

Washington State:  WeatherWool at a wedding?

Wool and Fire: An intense video produced by the Government of New Zealand. This is hosted on Youtube.

With The Best:  WeatherWool paired with other products that are The Best

Wyoming: We'll be putting up plenty of WY pics ... soon, I hope

Zimbabwe:  WeatherWool's first international trip


12 June 2022 --- Ralph

DiningWild used to be a registered trademark of Ralph DiMeo but I let it go because I don't have time!