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Tale of Two Anoraks

In early September of 2018, we got a call from Ryan in Pennsylvania, who told us he just received the Anorak he'd ordered, and he liked it a lot. He also told us we'd sent a second, identical Anorak in a separate package that arrived the same day. We were really appreciative that he told us about our mistake, and were very flattered when he said he liked the Anoraks so much he was going to keep them both.

Many people have more than one version of the same WeatherWool garment. Sometimes different sizes or colors or Fabric weights, but sometimes, as in this case, identical garments intended for different purposes ... Ryan said he'd wear one of the Anoraks for rugged outings in the woods, and keep the other for wearing around town.

After 6 months, Ryan got back to us explaining that he'd never worn the second Anorak at all because even though he'd hit the first Anorak hard, it never seemed dirty and never showed any wear. So he wanted to swap Anorak #2 for a different color. We're happy to oblige Ryan. We'll put the 2nd Anorak on our SPECIALS page because even though it has not been worn, it's been out of our possession for more than the week or two we allow for "try-on", and so it counts as a used garment. [We did an Instagram post about this story, and the extra Anorak was purchased the same day by someone who saw the post.]

Ryan sent us a photo of the two Anoraks, and a really cool note, as well:

Two WeatherWool Anoraks ... one has seen severe use, the other is brand new. Even up close and in person, it's difficult to impossible to tell which has been worn for months of hard use, and which one has never been worn.

"The brand new one (never worn once) is on the left. The one on the right I have worn every time I’ve hiked since fall. That usually averages 2-3 times a week. So it has been soaked with sweat, rain, or snow every week multiple times. I will come home from hiking on a Saturday soaked from sweat, then I can put it right on to go do whatever else I may be doing that day due to the fact it never feels wet. The other thing is when hiking I only wear a T-shirt under it down into the teens [about 15F / -9C] bc of building body heat. The wool NEVER itches. Ever. Try that in any other wool. I just love it for any outdoor activities. Hands down the best there is."

Our customers are great people and they are the biggest reason we do this.

Written 17 March 2019


Here's another really nice thing that happened around Christmas of 2018 ... A customer ordered Pants and some kind of Jacket. We had the shipment on the front porch where Troy, our UPS carrier, picks up. By coincidence, I was pulling up to the house same time as Troy. But ... no package ... so we looked inside ... nothing ... and Troy knew nobody else from UPS would have been there. So I phoned the police who came by, took a report and told us there had been several instances of porch piracy in the area. We felt pretty bad about this because the items the customer ordered happened to be the last in our inventory, so we couldn't replace them anytime soon, plus we felt our home had been violated. And of course it was a pretty big hit in terms of money. We explained the problem to the customer, and he ordered two other pieces instead. A week or so later -- the day after Christmas, I think -- the customer phoned to tell us he was really happy with his Christmas gifts, and that he was really surprised to receive both his original order and the replacement items ... and that he wanted to buy for the additional pieces! It was great that our customer was not disappointed after all, and was winding up with more than expected. It was also great knowing our porch was not a crime scene after all. But still ... who took the package from the porch? That question was answered when I asked Bernie, our mailman, if he had any ideas. Bernie didn't remember, but said he probably delivered our package to the local UPS Store, where he makes deliveries every day anyway!

I was just thinking this story would make a great seasonal post for Instagram and Facebook, and so I added it here almost a year later.

Written 12 December 2019