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Connecticut Closet

Our Advisor "Jim from Connecticut" has been wearing WeatherWool since our early days, but we did not know the extent of his gear addiction until the summer of 2017.

We were discussing various aspects of performance outerwear, and Jim gave a detailed comparison of WeatherWool to various other brands.  And then he said something like "I own everything ... I'll send you a picture of my closet."

This is actually just a fraction of the clothing Jim owns. Followers of outdoor/hunting clothes will recognize some of the higher-end brands. Jim states emphatically that WeatherWool comes out on top in any comparison. Jim's All-Around Jac in Lynx Pattern, with Double Hood, is near the left side of the picture.

Jim does own just about every brand of clothing that has been made for outdoorfolk. Outerwear, Hats, Baselayers.  He also owns the high end in guns, scopes, binoculars ... you name it.  Jim qualifies as a gear-freak.  But unlike some gear-freaks, clothing gets a lot of his attention.  We've always been puzzled that so many people who are extremely particular about the gear they USE are quite haphazard about the gear they WEAR.  Our Advisor William Myers, a Survival Instructor, views clothing as the most important gear of all.

Jim will be happy to speak with anyone about clothing, equipment, hunting and hunting dogs. And he specifically said he can give a detailed comparison of WeatherWool to any other brand, side by side, complete with pictures, because he really does have them all! But at least until he retires, he needs to keep a low profile. Please contact us and we'll have Jim phone you.

26 October 2017