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Double Hood
Double Hood
Double Hood
Double Hood
Front close-up view of WeatherWool's updated Double Hood, in Lynx Merino Jacquard Fabric. Now with 2 sets of slot buttons allowing for extra security and 3 buttoning options.

Double Hood


Double Hoods are $325 ... One size for all.

We are all-but sold out of Double Hoods now.  We have one Black and one Brown.

We will make more as soon as we can ... I hope before end of 2024.

However, if you want one of these Double-Hoods, please phone.  I removed these Hoods from online-ordering so people pre-ordering All-Around Jackets could also pre-order the Double Hood without incurring any charges.

Any item not in stock can be pre-ordered (back-ordered) at a price of 0 from the website, or of course you can phone us.

The Double Hood is secured to any of several of our Jackets by means of Slot Buttons on the collar of the Jacket.

We have reworked some aspects of the Double Hood. The most important feature, two layers of our FullWeight Fabric, has not changed. But we have added two more adjustments to the chin strap, the cinch cords are double-anchored and the cord clips are held more securely and closer to the Hood. The new chin strap can snug the Hood to three different head sizes. 

The Double Hood was originally designed to attach to the All-Around Jacket ... and if you want a Hood to go with your AAJ, we recommend ordering at the same time. The Double Hood can also be attached to the Mouton Jacket, Mouton Vest or North Maine Double Coat.

The WeatherWool Double Hood is seriously warm! Made with two layers of our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric, the Double Hood resists extreme snow, sleet, rain, water and wind.

Our jackets and outer vests have 3 buttons under the fold of  the collar. The Double Hoods have corresponding buttonholes.

Left down on the shoulders, the Double Hood adds a lot of extra protection to the shoulders and top of the back. Advisor Jim Olson tells me this is a routine use for him.

The Hood is large and the flaps fasten in the front, just under the chin. There are draw cords at the sides than can pull the Hood "down and in", closer to the head.

The first couple of hoods we made used only one layer of our Fabric. But then we decided that when you want a hood, you want a HOOD. Adding the second layer of Fabric makes the Double Hood pretty well bulletproof. Anything short of really insane weather really doesn't get through it. Also, most people will wear it over our Ball Cap or Reversible Watch Cap or something similar, which further protects the head.

Weighs 14 oz (0.4 kg)

One size fits everyone.

Thank You.

Double Hood Quality Control

Care and Cleaning


More pictures and details about WeatherWool Construction

14 May 2024 --- Ralph

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
What an incredible hood!

I bought the all-around jacket a while ago and placed an ASAP backorder order fo the double hood.

What a absolutely amazing hood. This is unlike any hood you have ever had. The strap and two buttons across the front replace any need for a scarf. The hood is so warm you don't really need any hat if you don't feel like wearing one, with so many adjustments, you can surely make it fit to your liking.

I was already blown away by the all around jacket and this double hood just puts it over the top.

WeatherWool is a top class company in my book, never been disappointed. If you have any of their jackets that are compatible with a double hood, I highly recommend it.