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Hats and Hoods

We're almost completely sold out of Hats, and although we would love to make more woven Hats, they will have to wait until 2023. We are working on knitted Watch Caps for late 2022 in sold black and natural cream. We are making Double Hoods this year, because significant numbers of those ordering All-Around Jackets will also want coordinating Hood.


Hats, Hats, Hoods.

If you're cold, put on a Hat!  ... Or a Hood! ... (Or even a Neck Gaiter!)

All of our Hats are sold out except for the Walker Hat.

We are working to make more Watch Caps for end of 4th Quarter 2022, but we'll see. We have a great deal going on!

We are not sure when we'll make more of our woven Hats (almost all our products are woven but the Watch Cap is an exception) because we have so many other things to do and because we need to work with a new Hatmaker.

WeatherWool will again offer several types of Hats and Hoods. As with all our products, our Hats are 100% American in materials and manufacture ... and 100% Pure American Virgin Merino.

For years our Hats were made by an amazing guy named Reuben (Ruby) Spitz, and when he passed we didn't really want to work with anyone else. Please click to read a little bit about Ruby, who appreciated life and really knew what it means to survive.

We will surely make all our woven Hats again, and we've made a move or two in that direction. But nothing concrete to report yet.


22 September 2022 --- Ralph
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