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Reversible Seamless Watch Cap
Reversible Seamless Watch Cap
Reversible Seamless Watch Cap

Reversible Seamless Watch Cap


Watch Caps have sold out. We are working toward making more! We expect the Watch Caps to be priced at $95 when they are next available.

Seamless Reversible Watch Cap. Our Watch Caps are double-layered and 11 inches (28 cm) long uncuffed, allowing for generous ear coverage when turned up. 

WeatherWool Reversible Seamless Watch Caps are 100% pure, fine, worsted Merino ... and of course 100% American. The Watch Caps pair very well with the Neck Gaiters, which are made from the same worsted Merino.  We will be making more Gaiters in 2023.

    In 2019, we made several different Prototype Watch Caps, and Advisor Jesse Manuta did some heavy-duty testing -- with great results -- of the one we liked best, and that's the one we put into production.

    Our Watch Caps are 100% worsted 19 micron American Merino -- no fillers or any other materials. And like all WeatherWool products, 100% American in manufacture.

    The Watch Cap weighs 3.4 ounces / 98 grams.

    The Watch Caps are quite "stretchy", but all the stretch and spring come from the knitting pattern.  We do not use any elastic or anything other than wool to make the Caps.  And no latex means that the stretch will not degrade over time.  They are also long, allowing for more coverage over the ears, or to be worn slouchy.

    The Caps will fit almost anyone, although one person told us the Cap was too loose (too big). If that is the case, the Watch Caps can be put through a cold gentle wash cycle and dryer (gentle) and the knit will tighten up, making the Cap a little smaller. 

    Because of the nature of the reversible knit, we have decided, at least for now, that we will not sew a WeatherWool label into these Caps.  There is no good place to put a label; it will detract from the overall performance of the Cap, particularly in the rain.   For legal reasons, we may attach labels lightly, for easy removal.

    Our Watch Caps are knitted by Tailored Industry of Brooklyn, New York. Their Whole Garment® Shima Seiki knitting machines create a seamless 3D knit that finishes off the crown cleanly. When everything is tuned right, these leading-edge knitting machines can virtually eliminate waste through their pull-based system, creating less than 1% excess material during the production of each Watch Cap. We have not reached this point yet, but we are working towards it!

    Testing has shown that when rain wets the outer layer of the Cap, the inner layer remains dry.  Also, should the inner layer become damp with sweat, such as during a hard run (Jesse covers some serious distance) the Cap can then be reversed, placing the dry outer layer against the head while the wet layer can dry in the air.  And no seams makes for a more comfortable fit under a helmet.

    Our great customer and friend TJ, a Veteran of the USMC, texted us about a surprising use for his Watch Cap. "As we were camping over the weekend and hiking come across a problem, unique to me and wearing kilts a lot , I forgot my phone case , forgot my sporran (which is traditionally worn with a kilt that's that bag in front !!!! ) ok so yes I have my pack but it's not very convenient to keep smaller things in, sooo I was standing there thinking about what I could use ! I looked down and there was my WeatherWool watch mans cap !!!! Bada boom 💥 use it as a bag !!! And it work great held my phone , lighter , chapstick ID ,worked great , stayed in place tucked under my belt , so you can also use the Neck Gaiter as a belt bag as well good as you forage for things , the cap works as a bowl too to forage ! Improvise Adapt Overcome"

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