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Other Ralph

Back in about 2016, Debby and I were alone in the conference room of Advisor JR Morrissey. In those days, JR was a huge resource to us, helping us develop our product line, streamline our designs and construction and make accessories, too. We still work a lot with JR and his assistant, Anya Ferring.

While Debby and I waited in the conference room, we heard JR talking in the hallway:

"No, Ralph didn't care for that. Ralph wants it done like this, and we're going to do it the way Ralph wants it!"

When JR walked into the room with us, we were laughing, but he quickly realized why we were giddy ...

"Sorry ... I was talking about Ralph Lauren ... but ... .... ... you're important too ... it's just that you're THE OTHER RALPH." ...... JR is an agile guy ...

WeatherWool Advisor JR Morrissey, owner of The Factory8, working in his studio with Ralph of WeatherWool and Anya Ferring, JR's assistant, in the background

Ralph of WeatherWool on the left, JR on the right and Anya Ferring in the background. Summer of 2019.

7 May 2020