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YouTube and Rumble

We have some pretty good stuff on YouTube now ... some from us, but much more from others, and more coming often. And we started a Rumble Channel People do not tell me when they are releasing a video, so I can't really keep up, and I have not even looked for new videos in a long time ... Please keep in mind that some of the people posting comments don't know what they are writing about, even though they seem to think they are experts. And even sometimes the videos themselves don't express things as carefully/correctly as I would like.

We created a Rumble account on 1 April 2021. Any new videos from us will be posted to both Rumble and YouTube.

 And here is a selection of the vids we know about: 


We have several more videos and although these are informative, we will probably delete them because the production quality is not where we want it to be. Actually, even the one video that we think is pretty good, the one cited above, should be done better, and, eventually, will be. Thanks for your understanding!  Here are the earlier vids that we plan to replace as we gain experience.

  • An earlier version of an Introduction to WeatherWool (March 2017, 2 minutes) featuring me, and somewhat different material than the intro linked above. Debby's right (as usual) ... I need to lose about 80 pounds ... But the vid does give a good idea of what we are about.
  • Darrell Holland Introducing WeatherWool (April 2015). The first few minutes of this video is devoted to WeatherWool. A couple of years after this video was made, Darrell accepted our invitation to become a WeatherWool Advisor. Darrell is an outdoor pro with his own school and he has been working with us since our early days. He actually made the first WeatherWool video and this is it.
  • WeatherWool in the Rain (March 2017, almost four minutes). People often ask about wool in the rain and the wet. Wool is good and WeatherWool is better. You can go all day long in the rain without getting wet.
  • SkiJac from Chad Borofsky (April 2016, 1 minute), Chad is a WeatherWool Advisor, the lead designer of our SkiJac and he skis with his young son on his back!
  • Feedback on Anorak Prototype from Jeff Cook (May 2015, 1 minute). Jeff is one of the biggest fans of our Anorak, and he is also one of the first people to give us feedback, and one of the first people to become a WeatherWool Advisor. Jeff mentions a few things in the video, including:
    1. Cotton cuffs (of course not for us!!) ... The Anorak no longer has knit cuffs. And the knit cuffs on our other garments are pure merino, made by us. Nobody is offering American-made knitted wool cuffs for resale, so we had to make our own.
    2. Oversized Hood ... The Hood now has a rear adjustment to let you pull it back on top and at the sides. But it is still big enough that you can hide your entire head and face inside it, whether for concealment or for protection from a sideways sleet.

There are also lots of videos where people wear WeatherWool because it's just what they wear in the normal course of what they do ... videos where WeatherWool is part of the furniture, as the saying goes. You'll see a lot of WeatherWool in videos from Dave Canterbury (Pathfinder School), Josh Enyart and Shawn Kelly, for examples. 

16 May 2022 --- Ralph