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Tailored Industry

Tailored Industry of Brooklyn, New York, makes our Neck Gaiters and Watch Caps on leading-edge technology Knitting Machines manufactured by ShimaSeikiUSA.

Here is a photo of me, Kady Gray and Alex Tschopp, two of the owners of TI. Kady is master (wait ... should that be MISTRESS?) of the technology, having spent years developing her skills at and with Shima Seiki. Alex focuses more on the business and customer side, and keeps people like me from wasting too much of Kady's time.

WeatherWool Found Ralph DiMeo, at left, with Kady Gray and Alex Tschopp, owners of Tailored Industry

The technology of garment manufacture seems to be advancing much more with knitted garments than woven garments. Tailored Industry specializes in On-Demand Manufacture of entire garments in Brooklyn, New York. Once the instructions for a garment have been coded, Tailored Industry can quite efficiently fill an order for a single garment in a specific size, with various options, in specific colors. Tailored Industry's Shima Seiki Knitting Machines can operate with very little human attention beyond loading the spools of yarn to be knitted. This leading-edge technology is bringing huge savings and superior clothing to the consumer.

Our Watch Caps and Neck Gaiters are too inexpensive and simple for On-Demand Manufacture to be cost-effective for individual pieces because the yarns still need to be manually loaded, but for dresses, sweaters and other large pieces, "the future is now".

WeatherWool pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiters on the Quality Control Rack at Tailored Industry in Brooklyn, New Yorki

Some of our Duff Neck Gaiters on the Quality Control Tray. Once the cones of yarn are mounted on the knitting machine and the software for the Gaiters is loaded, the machine takes over and knits a complete, seamless Neck Gaiter in one piece. Previously, Debby spent about 40 minutes manually sewing the seam that turned the flat fabric into a tubular Neck Gaiter.

Knitting is a great way to make our Neck Gaiters and Watch Caps because they are not subjected to abrasion, and because the stretch that is typical of knits is key to the performance of these garments.

WeatherWool pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiters on the Quality Control Light Cone at Tailored Industry in Brooklyn, New York

A Duff Neck Gaiter on a Light Cone as part of Quality Control Inspection. The Light Cone will highlight any irregularities in the knitting, but I'm just pretending to know what I'm looking for. But Tailored Industry does inspect every Gaiter.

Our use of knitting is very limited because almost all of our garments need to withstand abrasion and hard outdoor use. Traditionally, knits are looser, less weather-resistant and more prone to snagging than acceptable for our Jackets or Pants. However, we have seen demonstrations of knits that are approaching the sort of Fabric we need, and we will definitely keep an eye on developments.

Alex and Kady have grown TI into a big operation but they still give our little account their personal attention, and they are always accessible.


7 May 2023 --- Ralph