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Randy Dewing

Randy Dewing

Indiana and Pennsylvania

Specialties: Wool, Sheep, Hunting, Camping, Outerwear (wool and synthetic), Scouting


The following bio was written by Randy himself:

I’m not an outfitter or a super-hunter. I wear a necktie and send emails most of the time. But I’m a country boy at heart, an Eagle Scout, and a guy who is more comfortable in boots than dress shoes.
I grew up in the hills in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania surrounded by a huge caring family who likes to throw axes for fun when they get together. I worked on my Uncle Jerry’s sheep farm as a kid (and up through graduating from college), and the sleeves of my old field jacket from back then are still shiny with lanolin up to the elbows. I learned to love wool by first loving sheep. I learned to love good outdoor clothing while bumming around in the woods every chance I got; hunting, camping, and just looking for things I wouldn’t see otherwise.

My Grandma used to take us out on Mother’s day to hunt for woodland flowers in the forest. At first, I wouldn’t see anything, but once I learned to look I was amazed to find the adder’s tongue, trillium, and jack in the pulpit growing everywhere in the dappled shade. Ever since, I have always been fascinated by looking for things that other people don’t notice. I’ve always been comfortable in the woods because I feel like the trees are willing to share their secrets with me if I take the time to look.

I learned to hunt from a score of uncles and cousins who were hard-working, upright, Christian men…and I just wish I’d absorbed their lessons a bit better! (They all seem to put more meat in the freezer than I do, still.)

I learned to camp as a Boy Scout. I worked at a rural scout camp in Sullivan County PA (with my Dad and, sometimes, my Grandpa) for ten summers; living under canvas and wearing knee socks (the former being fabulous and the latter leading to a bizarre farmer’s tan).

Now I work on a college campus. I spend my days figuring out how to maintain gleaming steel and glass buildings. I teach people how to use computers to make their planning and workflows easier. …but I carry a flint and steel kit in my briefcase so I can teach the occasional liberal arts undergrad how to singe her eyebrows.

I have wool from a number of different outdoor companies and I have all the modern “technical” clothing. I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what works for me and what doesn’t.  

I won’t promise to have expert knowledge, but I am always comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas with people—and I’ll honestly tell what I know, what I think, and what I don’t know.


Randy wrote up a really nice piece about how he removes burrs from his WeatherWool Jacket.

Randy also made a great video about cleaning his jacket with brushes.

In September of 2017, Randy sent us this picture of his Boonie Hat full of Wild Edible Chestnuts. Randy also gave us some interesting information about how he prepares (or not!) Wild Chestnuts.

In October 2017, Randy wrote me about the family's Old Oak Tree, and he sent me some pictures, too.

W also like this picture Randy sent from when he was working a graduation ceremony at the University where he is employed ... he wore an Anorak in Lynx Pattern over a shirt and tie, and everyone thought it was completely appropriate:


21 June 2020