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Performance Infrared



We've only seen a couple of infrared images of our garments. The first was from a show in, I think, 2014. The guy in the booth next to us was selling IR equipment.


Videos on the performance of WeatherWool Fabrics and Garments … for example … what does infrared show us?

In the images above and below, the darker the region, the less heat is being lost. Heat loss corresponds directly to how much wool is covering a given part of the body.

This is our All-Around Jacket in both photos. The the most wool is actually stacked up with the cargo pockets. Not exactly what we want, but no other way unless we used another fabric, and I always try to avoid that. You can see the collar also has a lot of wool. The outline of the storm flap over the center-front zipper is clear. Most interesting, maybe, is that the sleeves present a different IR profile depending upon whether the Fabric is wrinkled.

In the photo below, the entire front of the Jacket is opened up.

Videos on the performance of WeatherWool Fabrics and Garments … for example … what does infrared show us?


During the height of the Covid situation, a customer from South Korea sent us the interesting image (below) of himself in his All-Around Jacket. South Korea has (had) a strict virus protocol/quarantine in effect and IR cameras are mandatory at the entrance of every building.

The image clearly maps the heat loss from the AAJ and the layers of wool from which the AAJ is constructed. Color tends toward orange with one layer of Fabric, and pink with three layers:

The Infrared Heat photo of WeatherWool’s All-Around Jacket shows that heat loss maps exactly to the number of the layers of our Merino Jacquard Wool Fabric at different places of the Jacket.

  • The arms have a single layer of our FullWeight Fabric. Heat loss is reduced where the sleeves are folded/wrinkled
  • Parts of the midsection of the AAJ also have just one layer of Fabric
  • The top of the chest mostly has two layers because of the Double Yoke (cape)
  • But the inside chest pockets are under the Double Yoke, making a 3rd layer in those places
  • The Storm Flap forms a second and third layer of Fabric over the wool surrounding the Center Front Zipper
  • The area of the Cargo Pockets mostly has four layers. We didn't really want this much Fabric, but we very much wanted Cargo Pockets, Handwarmer Pockets and Inner Pockets, and all this wool creates the brightest pink in the photo

Best wishes to our customers and everyone in South Korea (and elsewhere!) still fighting the virus. And MANY THANKS to our customer in South Korea for a really cool (hot!) photo!!


15 April 2023 --- Ralph