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Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
Al's Anorak
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Pattern, WeatherWool.com
WeatherWool Anorak, Solid Duff Color, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino Outerwear
WeatherWool Anorak, Solid Drab Color, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino Outerwear, City or Wilderness
WeatherWool Anorak, Solid Duff Color, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino Outerwear, City or Wilderness
WeatherWool Anorak, Solid Duff Color, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino Outerwear, City or Wilderness
Al's Anorak
WeatherWool Anorak in Solid Drab Color is much favored by US Military Special Forces
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Pattern, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino, City or Country
Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern by WeatherWool is great for hunting and is our WarriorWool item
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Pattern, Merino Wool, closeup of hidden chest pocket
WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Pattern, extremely versatile All-Purpose Pure Merino, City or Country
Al's Anorak
As of 2023, the WeatherWool Color Palette includes Black, Brown, Drab (very similar to Military Olive Drab) and our own Proprietary Lynx Pattern

Al's Anorak

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  • These Anoraks are in stock and can be ordered on the website or by phone:
    • XXSmall: FullWeight Black, Brown, Drab, Lynx; MidWeight Drab
    • XSmall: FullWeight Brown, Drab, Lynx;  MidWeight Lynx
    • Small:  FullWeight Brown, Lynx
    • Medium:  Sold Out
    • Large:  Sold Out 
    • XLarge:  Sold Out
    • 2XLarge: FullWeight Lynx;  MidWeight Lynx
    • 3XLarge: FullWeight Brown, 
    • 4XLarge:  FullWeight Brown
  • If you want an Anorak that is out of stock, we suggest placing a backorder (price of 0) on the website or by phone, and then following up with a credit card (we'll send an email) so you can reserve by SHIP ASAP.
  • We are hoping a small production run of Anoraks in FullWeight Drab will ship in May. This will be the last production run in Batch 7 Fabric.
  • Next production run of Anoraks will be all Drab, both FullWeight and MidWeight, and probably ship in June. Hope to make more Raks in all our other Fabrics by September. If you want something not in stock, please get an ASAP order on our books.
  • We've been making Anoraks since 2015 and the tailoring (by Factory8) and Fabric (made to our specs by American Woolen and MTL) on the Batch 6 and Batch 7 Anoraks is the best yet! Great work!

We love that our Anorak has been on TV a bunch. It's a favorite among the participants in History Channel's Hit series Mountain Men and Survival Contest ALONE. The WeatherWool Anorak has been worn on History by Mike Horstman, Brady Nicholls, Benji Hill, JP Quiñonez, Callie Russel and Amós Rodriguez.

The Anorak is a design of the first inhabitants of North America's Arctic Region. (Our Finnish Advisor Anton Kalland tells us the term comes from the Finnish Anorakki, which in turn comes from the Ancient Greenland word Annoraaq.) Our Anorak handles a wide variety of conditions and activities and is designed for a relatively active individual to wear over one or sometimes two light base layers.

The Anorak is intended for temps between from 10F/-12C to 80F/27C. But people push it, successfully, into much colder conditions. Most people will be comfortable in temps from 20F/-7C to 70F/21C, indoors and out, with low to moderate levels of activity.

      Richard Mills, a photographer (NaturesCapture.com) from the Carolinas, was spending Christmas of 2022 in Yellowstone National Park, and sent me this video on 23 December. In the video Richard states he is wearing two base layers and a FullWeight Anorak, and the temp is -31F/-35C. HUGE THANKS and MERRY CHRISTMAS, RICHARD!!


Our custom-made 100% wool Fabric is soft enough to be worn directly on even the most sensitive skin, yet durable enough to see you through the most rugged adventures. Choosing the best fabric weight and garment size will depend on your climate, activity level, base layers, and personal preference.

Our Anorak features:

  • Our custom Jacquard woven Fabric throughout the entire garment
  • Offered in both MidWeight and FullWeight
  • Craftsmen-sewn, ultra-durable construction and materials
  • Mil-Spec Anefil water-resistant thread used by the US Army
  • A modern take on the classic design, with a focus on comfort and utility
  • Extra-long sleeves, reducing the need for gloves
  • Slot Buttons used exclusively
  • Wrist cuffs can be adjusted to six sizes
  • Four buttons at the neck closure, allowing for ventilation, comfort, and warmth. Our Neck Gaiter can be added for extreme conditions
  • Waist cinches to create a more tapered shape, or reduce air space
  • Extra-large hood. Rear cinch enables the hood to be pulled back. Pull-cords in front, at each side, enable the hood to be fitted close around the head. We have lately switched the front cords from synthetic shock-cord to wool cord. The cords are now made from the same fiber as the garment. The new cords are shown in a close-up at left (black cord on Brown 'Rak). We can send wool cord to anyone who wants to upgrade an old Anorak. And we can even send shock cord to anyone who likes the synthetic better. You can switch by attaching the new cord to the old and carefully pulling though. We left the cords long and many people will cut them shorter
  • Generous front pouch, with elastic organizer strip, closure secured by slot buttons
  • Hidden zipper pocket inside the body of the jacket, behind the front pouch
  • Inconspicuous yet spacious zippered pockets on each side of the chest
  • Super-long zippers on each side of the Anorak enable venting of heat and ease entry and exit. Side zips also facilitate access to anything on a belt. Opening the side zips also makes it comfortable to sit without hiking the 'rak
  • At the base of the side zips are a button and elastic;.  The zippers can be open and the 'rak still closed at the bottom so there is no flapping.

In size Large, a FullWeight Anorak weighs 3 lbs., 7 oz (1.6 kg).

In size Large, a MidWeight Anorak weighs 2 lbs., 12 oz (1.25 kg)

We have lately changed the front pull-cords from synthetic shock to knitted wool (photo at left). The cords are now made from the same wool as the Anorak itself. If anyone wants to switch out the synthetic, just let us know. And actually, if anyone wants to switch from the wool cord to synthetic, we can send synthetic, also. Either cord can be replaced by simply pulling the new cord through (carefully).

Please follow Anorak Sizing directions before ordering 


Much of the upcoming production runs has been be reserved in advance. To secure yours, please place a SHIP ASAP order.

For Batch 7, the FullWeight Brown replaces the FullWeight Duff. This is a consequence of working with a new dye house because of the Floods of Hurricane Ida.

The reviews at the bottom of this page are posted by owners of the Anorak. The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022.  There are also other pages for Reviews previously sent to us by Civilians and by Military.

(Please click here for more pictures, video and details about Al's Anorak)

  • If you have previously placed a $0 backorder but didn’t set up a SHIP ASAP please provide us with payment info to reserve your garment
  • If you have a SHIP ASAP and your Anorak is shown above as IN STOCK, but you have not received it, please call right away.
  • If you need larger than 3XL, please get in touch.

Please click for more info about backorders without obligation (price set to 0).

Please follow Anorak Sizing directions before ordering

Care and Cleaning

Latest information about our production is here.

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27 March 2023 --- Ralph & Alex


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