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WarriorWool Anorak Donation for Active Military
WeatherWool is very proud that members of the United States Armed Forces choose to wear our Anorak.  Through WeatherWool's WarriorWool Program, both WeatherWool and the public donate Anoraks to the United States and Allied Military Forces
WeatherWool is very proud that members of the United States Armed Forces (and related government workers, such as the US Secret Service) choose to wear our Anorak.  Through WeatherWool's WarriorWool Program, both WeatherWool and the public donate Anoraks to the United States and Allied Military Forces. And members of the Military who are buying Anoraks for Active Duty use and spending their own money can purchase at WeatherWool’s break-even price.
WarriorWool Anorak Donation for Active Military
WarriorWool Anorak Donation for Active Military

WarriorWool Anorak Donation for Active Military

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The WarriorWool® Program Anorak and our Al's Anorak is the same garment.

The WarriorWool Program, one of the main reasons we founded WeatherWool, is a way to provide reduced-price, "at our cost" ($395) Anoraks to those who defend the United States.

If you like video, this is me, in 2020, with a 45-second WarriorWool intro:

  (And there are some women wearing WarriorWool)                   

WarriorWool supplies "break-even" price Al's Anoraks to those who will wear them for Active Duty Service in:

  • United States Military
  • US government agencies whose work is sometimes similar to the work of the Military
  • American Law Enforcement Officers
  • Military Forces of the Allies of the USA

The program is available to:

  • Anyone spending personal funds to wear the Anorak for Active Duty. If you are buying for yourself or gifting to a specific person, that's great, and we are honored! In this case, please phone me to place order.
  • Anyone who would like to donate (or help donate) an Anorak. Donations are accepted in any amount. If you'd like to donate an amount smaller than the total cost of an Anorak, please select your amount from the menu on this page or give us a call. (Thanks to  "William from Maine" for this idea!) Partial donations will be pooled, and WeatherWool will almost surely send out an Anorak before the pool reaches the full $395 price of a WarriorWool Anorak
  • Please click over to the WarriorWool Donations Page to see activity

Anyone in the US Military or US Law Enforcement is eligible for the program -- and we think they are all GREAT! -- so long as the Anorak will be worn on Active Duty and purchased with personal funds. And although almost all recipients have been men, women in the Air Force, Marines and Law Enforcement have also received donations or purchased for themselves. If you can help us expand the program, please get in touch! We have added DEA, DSS and OST because their work is often so similar to Military, and often alongside Military. And as of February 2022, we have added American Law Enforcement. WarriorWool is also available to the British (UK) Military. We will be glad to speak with anyone interested in the same sort of program to benefit the many other strong Allies of the USA.

We are thrilled that Al's Anorak has been tested, used and is desired by members of multiple units in the United States Military. We have had many very strong endorsements from Military personnel, including even people who are employed by Uncle Sam to evaluate gear. But all of them stress their feedback is given as individuals, and absolutely does NOT constitute any endorsement by any branch of the US Military and that the government does not endorse anything. But I CAN state that all of my contacts in the branches and units listed on this page are very happy with their wool and feel strongly that more people with whom they serve would be delighted to receive an Anorak. And some of them are willing to speak with people who are interested.

Here is feedback we received from a member of Special Operations Command in Afghanistan (BLUF means Bottom Line Up Front) in about 2017:

"BLUF: The coats are phenomenal and all the guys that wear them absolutely love them. ... My entire detachment continues to request additional coats and Hats." 

We consider those words a great honor.

Please click for Anorak reviews by current and former Military personnel.

Please click here to read additional (civilian) reviews of Al's Anorak.

Donors can send an Anorak to any of the following groups by selecting from the drop-down menu at the top of this page. For all of these entries, there is at least one person wearing WarriorWool Anorak. The list is alphabetical, but starts with US forces. The links will jump to descriptions of the various groups.

    [Please note:  Donations to UK Military will be distributed by Advisor Ziggy, who has had a long career in British Special Forces.]

    You designate where you would like your donation to be sent when you order. We'll decide size, color, weight depending on availability and the needs of the recipient unit. Lynx is definitely the most-requested color, but we've sent all 6 of our Fabrics to WarriorWool recipients ... both via donation and personal purchase by Active Duty personnel.

    We expect donors will be thanked personally by the recipient, but we cannot make such contact a condition of donation. Donors can remain anonymous if they so choose. Donated Anoraks will be distributed by people I know who are either currently serving with the group chosen by the donor, or retired but still in touch with those on Active Duty.

    If you are Active Duty Military and interested in our Anorak for your own kit, please phone us so we can figure size/color/Fabric weight.  Also, please get in touch if you can help us grow this program!

    For complete information and functional specs on the Anorak, or if you wish to make a "normal" purchase of an Anorak, please visit the main Anorak page.  (First Responders, US Military Veterans and those currently serving receive a 5% "thank you" credit on all WeatherWool regardless of the reason for buying.)

    For the WarriorWool Donation Program, the Anorak can be purchased for $395, which is a basically break-even price for us. People may be surprised that $395 is a barely break-even price ... what we are doing is expensive ... and our regular direct-to-customer price for the Anorak is far below standard industry margins.

    Thank you for considering this donation.

    An Operator who purchased through the WeatherWool WarriorWool Program said the Anorak "is perfect for bugging out because of its versatility."An Operator who purchased his own Anorak through our WarriorWool Program sent this picture.  He said the Anorak "is perfect for bugging out because of its versatility."


    WeatherWool Anorak tested and enjoyed by an off-duty British SAS Operator in winterAn off-duty British SAS Operator testing his Anorak


    WeatherWool's WarriorWool Program helps to provide Anoraks to United States Military personnel

    "The helo is a MH-60T Jayhawks and is our primary Search and Rescue asset here in Kodiak, which is the largest operational air station in the Coast Guard." The Coast Guardsman bought his own Anorak, with an assist from Advisor Dave Canterbury.

    We would like to re-emphasize that we have huge appreciation to everyone who protects Freedom. The recipient-choices on this page reflect the groups that can wear WeatherWool and where I have a personal contact. But people in other US Military groups are wearing WarriorWool, even if sometimes they can only wear it underneath standard issue.  So please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Please click here to read a quick story about Debby's Grandfather making fatigues for the US Army in World War One.

    In the main pictures at left are a WarriorWool recipient (donated by his Dad) in the US Marine Corps Scout Snipers, US Air Force SERE Instructor Mike Wolfel (donation from an Air Force Vet) standing in front of a glacier. Military people tend to choose Lynx Pattern Anoraks, but we have fulfilled requests for Anoraks in all six of our Fabrics, depending upon the needs of the recipient.

    One other important thing ... WarriorWool is actually a main reason we developed WeatherWool in the first place. We believed we could make clothing that would help our Military ... and that is something we really wanted to do.

    More pictures and details about WeatherWool Construction

    Also ... We used to accept AMAZON PAY, but Amazon said WarriorWool is a problem because, in their eyes, we are posing as a charity. WarriorWool is far more important to us than an Amazon button at checkout.


    Lastly, please note we have registered WarriorWool® as a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office solely to prevent some other company from commercializing a term that we have been using for this special purpose since we founded WeatherWool.

    30 January 2023 --- Ralph


    The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022.  There is another page, linked above, for Reviews previously sent to us.

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