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Watch Cap Reviews

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Customers have previously sent several reviews of our Reversible Seamless Watch Cap ... and I actually thought I had created this page a while ago. BIGTIME THANKS to all the reviewers!!!!!

9 January 2022 ... From Ryan:

Hi, I recently purchased a WeatherWool beanie.I must say it is BY FAR the best beanie I have ever had!! This beanie just replaced the 3 other ones I have been using. Yes it is expensive but after a month of using it, it is well worth the extra money. To start with it is super soft & very warm in temps down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit [-15C] but not overly warm. This is about the coldest it gets in our area.What I mean by not overly warm is it breathes like no other. I don’t have to take it off when in the vehicle or indoors as I did every other one I’ve ever owned. With the other hats I’ve owned, I am a sweaty mess when I take the hat off. Not with this one. This beanie has no seams & no annoying, sometimes uncomfortable inner label which is a significant improvement over every other beanie I’ve ever worn. Also no branding is another aspect I really enjoy. I enjoy this beanie so much that I am considering getting a second one. I have 2 great wool coats already so I am covered in that area but even though they are great brands from iconic American makers, I’m not sure they stack up to WeatherWool based upon this beanie. If I am ever in need of another for some reason, WeatherWool will be my first choice. Keep up the great work!!
When I asked permission to post Ryan's review along with his full name, he responded:

You absolutely may! Please don’t post my email address. 

Also, it is great purchasing from American companies who source & manufacture their products here at home.

Thank you           

7 December 2021 ... posted today on YouTube
Jack Voss:  I have the WeatherWool watchcap and booney hats. I got rid of 7 other watch caps that: were too big or small, scratched, were sweaty. This cap is not sweaty or sticky - it is comfortably warm, period. Courtesy of Half Vast Flying

22 September 2021: Here is a link to a review from Alex Javor, one of the on-screen personalities starring (I think that word would make Alex choke a little!) in National Geographic Television's Life Below Zero, Next Generation. Alex wore the Watch Cap a lot during the filming of Season 3, which started broadcasting this month. And when we spoke he intended to wear the Watch Cap as well as his All-Around Jacket with Double Hood for the entirety of Season 4, which will begin filming in late 2021 or early 2022.

3 July 2021: We received this highly thoughtful review from "Lisa B" on 20 June. Below the review is a little background:

In November 2020 I ordered a number of Woolpower pieces when Alex outdoors was clearing them out and was also the very appreciative recipient of a watch cap. I also have a neck gaiter too (gifted to me by a friend from the year prior and I use it all the time too, year round). I used the Woolpower pieces, the neck gaiter and watch cap throughout the winter as a mariner working on the Great Lakes. In November, I had contemplated purchasing the mouton hat, and while it would have been wonderfully warm, the watch cap turned out to be the right choice for this reason: any time one is on deck one has to be wearing a hard hat and the watch cap fits beautifully underneath. The fact that your watch cap is seamless is absolutely awesome! Wearing a conventional hat with seams, lumps and bumps under my hard hat causes pressure points and eventually headaches. Not so with your seamless watch cap. When an entire watch is outside on deck that makes a big difference! When it’s really windy, I just make damn sure I use the chin strap on my hard hat. I don’t give a rip about the hard hat flying away, but I’m not interested in my watch cap learning how to fly! The watch cap is perfect, it is warm, fits just right to cover my ears and back of my neck (I was the customer who shrank it just slightly in the dryer to make it a bit more snug on my smallish head) and it is a very flattering fit on my head. As a bonus it stretches perfectly to cover my ponytail when I have my hair tied up and when I pull the ponytail out, the hat fits just as well with no hint that it was just stretched to cover my ponytail (in other words I love the elasticity of the 100% pure merino knit). My watch cap is always close to hand, even during the summer because I live on the coast of the (North) Atlantic. It can get quite windy and cold on the water, and while the sun often shines on beautiful summer days, some evenings (and days too!) cool right down, so out comes my watch cap from a nearby pocket. As another huge bonus - I often have campfires and the wool doesn’t care about sparks. I really, really love this cap.

Lisa is well aware that we prefer not to publish anonymous reviews and this is what she wrote on that subject: "In terms of my name in cyber land, would it suit to use my first name and the first letter of my last name? If you’re not comfortable with that I understand, and in that case you could use my full name." In practice using Lisa's full name probably doesn't matter very much because a quick search turns up quite a few people with the same name. THANK YOU LISA!!!


15 June 2021: Ralph, you haven’t asked, but I’m providing anyway.

THIS is the knit watch cap that I have looked for all of my life. Sixty years ago, I had a wool knit cap. In those days, I’d never heard of merino wool. It either hadn’t been invented yet, or was a well kept secret. It was warm on my head - at least on the part of my head that it covered. Problem# 1: most knit caps are not long enough to come down and cover the back of your neck.

The two kinds of wool that I had encountered were used, and virgin. Used wool was as scratchy and uncomfortable as a mixture of burlap and steel wool. Virgin wool at least didn’t scratch. Problem# 2: Most knit caps had at least some used wool in them, judging from the “scratchiness component”.

Then, manmade fibers became popular, and everybody thought they were just the ticket for knit fabrics. They’re sweaty! Problem# 3: Knit caps were all made of a petroleum based fabric, and got uncomfortably sweaty.

Another characteristic of knit caps made of manmade fiber is loss of elasticity. They stretch to fit snugly on your head - for a while. Then, they stay stretched, and are no longer snug. Problem# 4: knit caps get floppy.

Gear that I use in the outdoors are tools. It has a job to do, and I want to trust it to do that job. If it doesn’t do that job well, bad results occur. My WeatherWool knit cap is the first knit cap I have ever found that actually does what it is supposed to do, period. It costs a lot. But it was a bother only once - when I bought it. Every time I wear it, I pat myself on the back for having bought it. It will serve me well for years to come!
Kayak Jack

And then, when I asked permission to use his words, Kayak Jack replied:

Ralph, you have my permission to use my words.  Please credit them to Kayak Jack?  Frankly, the $75 price is a **** buster, and will obviously limit sales.  That is why I listed, in detail, the problems that I have encountered with every other watch cap I have ever had.  I currently have 7 watch caps.  Yours replaced them all. 

A watch cap, like every other piece of gear, is a tool.  It has a job to do.  In fact, it has to do several jobs, and do them reliably.  Your watch cap is a lifetime investment. --- Jack

KAYAK JACK is obviously not a real name, and so it's virtually an anonymous review, which we normally don't use. But the USA has a LOT of people with his actual name anyway, and we don't dox people. So I'm using a review written under a pen name because Jack brings up some great points!  --- THANKS KAYAK JACK!!!!!!!

11 January 2021: Al Belisario sent recently a review of our Neck Gaiter, and sent additional feedback including the Watch Cap:  "I also wanted to give you feedback on my gaiter and watch cap. I expected the gaiter and watch cap to keep me as warm as my synthetic and other wool accessories, but I did not expect it to efficiently thermally regulate. With my other wool and synthetic accessories, I would get warm but it would continue to warm me to the point where I am uncomfortable and need to remove them to manually thermal regulate. I believe the knitting in your products as well as the superior materials automatically does the work of thermal regulation. I have been able to get through a whole nights sleep and not be soaked the following morning in sweat due to overheating. I've also taken it out on our evening walks and did not have to constantly put it on and take it off as is the case with my other garments. This is a game changer for me as an avid outdoorsman living in Southern California where wide swings in temperatures between day and night as well as microclimates where I've experienced 80-90 degree [about 30C] desert areas and 5 miles [8 km] away is a 20 degree [-7C] alpine area with snow. When off-roading in my Jeep, I find myself having to put on or take off clothing to adjust to the climate every time we stop. With your wool products, I now have clothing that can adjust to a wider variety of climates while still remaining comfortable, resulting in less clothes to pack on a trip, more comfort, resistant to fires (can't wear synthetics near a fire without running the risk of burning through the material), resistant to damage from the underbrush, and near silent when stalking game. Thank you so much for developing such great products and the personal customer service. WeatherWool is a breath of fresh air reminiscent of how companies used to do business."


28 December 2020, from England, Cenydd Blackwell posted on Facebook"My WeatherWool watch cap is unquestionably the best wool cap I've ever worn."

23 December 2020, John Kovitch sent us a message:
"Hi, I wanted to leave some feedback. I recently ordered some hats [Watch Caps] and a gaiter. Your shipping was so incredibly quick I was stunned. The materials and quality of construction are everything I hoped for and more. Your products are the nicest and sturdiest I have ever found (and I am a longtime customer of LP [Loro Piana].) Finally, the design and style are perfect. These were intended to be Xmas gifts but no one could wait and we are all already in use."

18 December 2020, William "Crash" Lively of New Hampshire: "17 degrees F [-8C], 10 inches [25 cm] of show, short-sleeve Smart Wool tee shirt, and WeatherWool Watch Cap and Anorak – snow shoveling this morning was a pleasure. I didn’t work up a sweat until I came inside and put a cotton long sleeve shirt on. It came off pretty fast?? Thanks again for WeatherWool products I can’t wait for production to begin again as I’m looking forward to both the Mountain Jacket and Poncho. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to all your family." Thanks, William, and someday I need to hear how you got the name CRASH!


Each entry has its own date --- Ralph