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THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us these 11 years ... Customers of course! And Advisors, too! But also the many people and companies who have worked with us ... Fabric Designers, Millers, Testers, Ranchers, Tailors, Consultants, Suppliers ... I refer to this group collectively as Vendors ... and we have a separate page devoted to Vendor Relations ... but "partners" would be a better word, except for the legal legal implications.

In mid-2018, the world began to take notice of WeatherWool, and it has been very gratifying to see our dreams start to be realized. But I'm writing this largely because of the "flip side" ... over this same period, our Fabric production has ground to a halt, although that is ending now. [WOW! --- I first wrote this page just before COVID-19 hit ... everybody knows that story, but it has hit the Northeast harder than anywhere else in the USA.]

One of the companies that was an important part of the team that produced our Fabric was purchased by a European investment group in November 2018. [And I'm going to be writing all this up one of these days!] The buyers immediately and unexpectedly terminated American operations. This left us unable to produce our Fabric until we could replace what was lost. Finding new people with the ability and expertise to duplicate what was done before, and then integrate the new people with the crew we'd already been working with has simply taken a long time. Equipment had to be recalibrated and the whole line had to be tested. And then after some successful testing, Debby and I decided to switch the timing and method of our dyeing process for better consistency of color. (We always choose to improve whenever we learn about a better way.) And then the virus.

A great deal needs to come together in order for WeatherWool to be produced. We expect to have enough Fabric within the next three months or so to make several hundred garments.

For more "status" information, please visit inventorybackordering, and current production status pages.

BIGTIME THANKS! --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali

7 November 2020