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Fabric Reviews

I didn't think of making this page until December of 2020. Should have done this a long time ago and we would have had plenty more reviews!

Our custom made pure Merino Jacquard Fabric is the foundation of WeatherWool, and it is reasonable to view WeatherWool as a Fabric manufacturer that also makes garments. So it seems appropriate to have a page about Fabric Reviews, even though people almost always buy our garments instead of buying our Fabric and making their own garments!

We do sometimes receive Fabric Reviews from people who've made their own Shirts, Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Bag Liners, Mitts ...

WeatherWool Advisor Jesse Manuta does some very serious outdoor work and play in the mountains of Arizona, where he has a farm. Jesse purchased some of our MidWeight Undyed Fabric, and made himself a Shirt. Jesse also made some natural dye and crafted buttons from local mesquite that he cut himself. And Jesse has done some crazy stuff in this shirt, such as the Grand Canyon Triple Rimmer.

 WeatherWool has Advisors with knowledge and experience in many many areas, and Advisors offer the benefit of their experience and learning to WeatherWool customers and WeatherWool management. Jesse Manuta is a farmer and an extreme athlete (hiking and running) in desert and mountains.  Here he wears a Shirt he made and dyed himself from WeatherWool Undyed MidWeight Fabric.

On 9 December 2020, Jesse sent an interesting review of the Fabric:

"Yesterday I was up in the Chiricahua Mountains building trail, and had a noteworthy experience with my MidWeight fabric that I wanted to mention to you. I was wearing a lightweight hemp long sleeve shirt underneath the MidWeight fabric, I was mostly wearing it for extra warmth in the morning when the temps were around 14 degrees F [-10C]. On the way up the mountain I was sweating and then at around 8,000 ft [2440 meters], along the North side of the trail, the wind picked up immensely while the sun disappeared behind the peaks. I was getting a chill when we stopped for lunch in a windbreak in the sun. I immediately stripped off the MidWeight shirt, then the hemp shirt, and the steam just seemed to erupt from my upper body. I realized that the hemp fabric was preventing the wool from doing its job of ventilating my body heat. I wore just the MidWeight fabric against my skin the remainder of the hike/clearing trail and was perfectly comfortable. Just another reminder of how great WeatherWool fabric truly is."


Our original Fabric Review might have come from American Trench, the company that used our Fabric to make a Peacoat. We were doing a show just before Thanksgiving, 2014, and Jacob and David of American Trench stopped by our booth. They were very interested in our Fabric, and we talked quite a while. They described WeatherWool as a company that makes Fabric that also makes garments. It's a great description in that we spent three years developing our Fabric. Jacob and David did some testing of our Fabric, and described it as having a feel of cashmere but wearing like iron. And then they purchased some Fabric and made the Peacoat.

12 December 2021 --- Ralph