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The Peacoats are shipping now at $875 up to size 2X; 3X is $925 and 4X is $975

Peacoats are made only in FullWeight Fabric.

Not many Peacoats left in stock. If you definitely want something we don't have in stock, please reserve via by placing a SHIP ASAP backorder at a price of 0.  We plan to make more Peacoats by 4th Quarter of 2024.

  • XXSmall:  Sold Out
  • XSmall:  Drab (1)
  • Small:  Sold Out
  • Medium:  Sold Out
  • Large:  Lynx Pattern
  • XLarge:  Lynx Pattern
  • 2XLarge:  Drab Green
  • 3XLarge:  True Black, Drab Green, Lynx Pattern
  • 4XLarge:  Sold out

We won't make more Peacoats until well into 2024. We hope to include Brown and Natural White in the next run, but that's a long way off ...

The model in the photos is 5'11"/189 cm, 175 lbs/82 kg, wearing a size medium.

*double click/tap to see video in full frame.

We have been looking forward to this for a long time. Our Hardcore Luxury Fabric has done its Hardcore performance work all over the world, and now the Peacoat and (soon) the North Maine Double Coat may lean more toward our Luxury side, with Hardcore Performance still built in.

The history of Peacoats is interesting, and had a strong influence on our Peacoat. Not surprisingly, the design is old enough that there is controversy over where it came from, and when. Some sources will claim origins back to the early 1700s. Some claim the word "pea" is a corruption of a Dutch word referring to a coarse wool. We'll definitely not be making anything coarse! A couple of well-accepted points are that the original Peacoat was wool, and oriented toward sailors. The double-breasted front supposedly enabled sailors to slide down or shinny up a mast without buttons being snagged. Maybe more reasonable, the true double-breast enabled a sailor to button either left-over-right or right-over-left, perhaps depending upon which side the wind was coming from ... or just to hide some soiled fabric.

The Peacoats are made from our FullWeight Fabric, and are (of course!) not lined. The handwarmer pockets are also not lined. Nothing but WeatherWool Fabric.

The Peacoats feature Corozo Buttons in either Brown (with Lynx Peacoats) or Black (with Black and Drab Peacoats). The Corozo Buttons are hand sewn with "Anchoring Stay Buttons" on the inside on both the upper left and upper right chest. The Anchors help to square the coat front.  Button them with the corresponding inside button hole, with the button facing in.  Although this type of button is known as Anchor Stay, it's just a coincidence that both button and coat have nautical names.

The Peacoat has a high collar that stays up when you want it to.

This first run of Peacoats were made in FullWeight colors:  Black, Drab, Lynx Pattern. We anticipate Brown Peacoats in the next (2024) production run.

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8 February 2024 --- Ralph & Alex


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