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Corozo Buttons

Corozo is a trade name for a material (normally used for buttons) that is a part of the Tagua Nut, which grows in South America.   The Tagua Palm is also known as the Ivory Palm, and the scientific name can be translated as “plant elephant”.  The Buttons are carved from the endosperm of the seed. The endosperm is the tissue around the germ, which provides starch, protein and oil when the seed starts to grow.

The raw material (blanks or slugs) for the Corozo buttons are imported to the USA, and US Button (aka Emsig) makes the buttons in Connecticut.

We'll be using Corozo Buttons on our Women's Blanket Coat and Peacoat.

The Corozo material is unique in my experience. The first time I handled it, I was sure it wasn't plastic, but I was also pretty sure it wasn't wood. So ... what was it? Corozo is something all its own, and it's well-known in among people who are involved with buttons.

We'll offer Brown and Black Corozo Buttons, and we'll get some photos here soon.


31 March 2023 --- Ralph