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WeatherWool’s WarriorWool program enables those in uniform to access the greatest duty garments available. I have used my anorak in very cold range training sessions. It is important that I stay warm and comfortable during outdoor range sessions. The anorak’s side zippers provide easy access to sidearm and accessories on my belt. The wool can get wet and not soak through. I am very happy and honored to own a completely USA made garment thanks to the WarriorWool program.

Noah, Law Enforcement Officer


Western Pennsylvania


Specialties: Emergency Response, Situational Awareness, Firearms Safety, Hiking, Rucking, Weight Training, Running, Triathlon

Hello, I am an active Law Enforcement Officer in western Pennsylvania. Due to being in law enforcement, I am used to looking for high quality gear for duty usage. I am not willing to compromise on the gear that I use due to my life depending on it. This is what led me to WeatherWool. I believe WeatherWool makes the best outerwear available today. I’m very patriotic, therefore I believe that it is phenomenal that WeatherWool products are American made and sourced by a family-owned business. Ralph and his family have a level of customer service that puts them in a league of their own. If you want outerwear that will stand the test of time, then look no further. 


29 April 2023