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Video Performance

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19 February 2023 --- Ralph

We'll build here a collection of vids on the performance of our garments and our Fabrics. Most recent video on top.

First, four winter "dips" in WeatherWool. The idea is to see how a person in our wool might feel after an accidental dunk in the cold.

This one is from Advisor Trustin Timber, who is working with us in his professional capacity (as explained in the video). Trustin's main responsibility with us is improvement of our presentation. He explains more in the video, but basically he felt he had to do this after seeing the other winter-swim vids below, hearing me yak, etc.



Drew Gray bought a MidWeight Drab Anorak in February of 2022 and tested it for a month. Drew sent us this video on 27 March, 2022, and gave us permission to use it.  MANY THANKS, DREW!

 Drew is an unusually warm-blooded guy, and he is pushing the MidWeight Anorak beyond where most people could go!


About the same time Drew did his dunk, "P", an cold-weather instructor for the US Military, also did some testing of our wool. P acquired his Anorak through a donation to our WarriorWool Program. P posted the results of his test on YouTube. THANKS to P for a great review!


Below is me swimming briefly on a winter day when air temp was right at the freezing point. I was wearing wool socks, WeatherWool Pants ("commando style") and the very first All-Around Jacket we made. That Jacket was made from the first Fabric that met my Performance Specs.

This was cupcakes compared to what Drew Gray did! My retriever, who would go swimming at every opportunity, regardless of weather, didn't think it was anything at all out of the ordinary.