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Law Enforcement Officers

WeatherWool is happy to extend our WarriorWool Program to American Law Enforcement Officers.

WarriorWool was originally intended to help US Military Personnel spending personal funds to acquire our Anorak for Active Duty use, and for those who wish to donate Anoraks to US Military Personnel.

Over time, the WarriorWool Program was expanded to include groups whose work is at times similar to the Military.

As of February 2022, we are adding American Law Enforcement Officers.

It's startling and distressing, but the facts over the last couple of years are clear. Stateside Law Enforcement Officers have suffered more casualties than our Military. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 295 Law Enforcement deaths were recorded in 2020, the worst in 100 years. For those who wear a uniform, the home front is lately more dangerous than anywhere else.

When we started this company in 2009, WarriorWool was part of the plan. But I never imagined domestic LE work would become as dangerous as it has.

Professionals have written a lot about this subject, I don't know anything about what it's really like to be a cop anyway. Or a soldier, for that matter. I do know wearing the uniform can be a whole different world.

A WeatherWool customer once told me something that's really stuck with me. After many years as a policeman, he retired and became a minister. He said it's the same job, except he no longer wears a gun. I've related that story to several LEO, and none of them were surprised.

Only once in my entire life have I called for help on my own behalf. In 1994, about 3:30AM, I'd been working late and had just gone to sleep. Then I remember clearly telling myself WAKE UP!, WAKE UP!!! After a few seconds, I realized there was an intruder in the house. Debby and our three little ones were all asleep, and I was unarmed. I went downstairs and was relieved somewhat that the guy was in the basement. I locked the basement door and phoned South Orange Police, who arrived in about 20 or 25 seconds (SERIOUSLY!), and I won't ever forget it. The blue never looked so good!! The crook had a long arrest record, had already burgled other homes in the neighborhood that same night, and had outstanding warrants for previous violations.

All of us at WeatherWool hope the WarriorWool Program can help the people who help all of us.

Thank You


12 June 2022 --- Ralph