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Get Involved with WeatherWool

There are a few ways to get involved with WeatherWool:

Donate specially-priced WeatherWool to United States Military Personnel who want to wear WeatherWool for Active Duty. Or buy it for yourself, if you will be wearing WeatherWool for Active Duty. Please click here for details.

Please phone us to discuss. We are open to working with retailers although we are based on a direct-to-consumer approach. Also, our costs of manufacture are much too high for traditional models to work, so we will need to figure something out that fits each situation.

Women's Design Group:
We are designing a Jacket for women who want to handle serious weather and varied activities in a fine-looking, luxurious garment ... and we need to get input from the women who might wear the Jacket. Please click here and get in touch with us if this sounds interesting.

Advisors are people who like WeatherWool enough that they want to represent WeatherWool to other people. Advisors start as testers or regular customers, then we would talk about next steps. It is not necessary for this website to show an Advisor's full name and contact info. The website will need to show the Advisor's first name and general location, so people who are interested in WeatherWool will know if the Advisor is located conveniently. One of the interesting things about being an Advisor is that outdoor activities may have advantageous tax consequences. Please click here to read more about the role of Advisors.

Outdoor Professionals (Guides/Outfitters):
Outdoor pros are a special case, and each can be different. Please give us a call to discuss your involvement. Some companies routinely offer huge discounts, freebies and of course paid promotions to outdoor pros. But we want people wearing WeatherWool because it is what they like best. We think it is much more of a testimonial if a person who can get other clothes for free chooses to wear WeatherWool based solely on performance. If you are an outdoor pro I am pretty sure we'll be able to come up with something good for both of us. --- Thanks --- Ralph

Media Professionals:
These days, there are so many types of media and media pros it would be best to just give us a call to discuss.

Please phone and let's see what we can come up with.

We are always happy to hear from people who want to help us improve WeatherWool. Please visit our Testers Page. Thanks!

Are you growing some great wool? Please get in touch! You can get an idea of the ranchers we are already working with by visiting our Ranches Page.

We need great tailors and we would really like to find people who can make one-off garments ... whether new designs or custom-sizes of our standard items.

Knitters, Spinners, Weavers:
We will be happy to hear from Knitters, Spinners and Weavers with a Jacquard Loom!

Other Situations:
If you have some interesting situation or idea to get involved with us, please get in touch! We are always interested in new ideas.


9 December 2018