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Drab Anorak Troubles

This page details some unforeseen production/inventory problems with Drab Anoraks. I will do whatever is necessary to make this page obsolete very soon!!

The problems directly affect only people with paid orders for Drab Anoraks in:

  • FullWeight sizes XXSmall, Small, Medium, 3XLarge
  • MidWeight sizes Large and XLarge

The very short explanation is that we had three separate errors involving our Drab Fabric:

  1. The first error was mine ... I miscalculated how much MidWeight Drab Fabric was available, and we therefore could make only about 94% as many Anoraks as I requested.
  2. Next, the people who turn our Fabric into garments forgot that we have two different weights of Drab Fabric. And so when they were making All-Around Jackets, which should always be FullWeight Fabric, they cut some MidWeight Fabric into All-Around Jackets, resulting in a further reduction of our MidWeight Drab Fabric
  3. The remaining Drab Fabric was mixed together, heedless of Fabric weight, and then cut into pieces to make Anoraks. The result here was that the distribution of Drab Anoraks sizes and Fabric weights was random. For example, all of the Drab Anoraks in size 3X were made in MidWeight Fabric, but the mix should have been about half MidWeight and half FullWeight.

The upshot of all this is that people have paid for and rightfully expect delivery of Drab Anoraks from this production run that I cannot deliver.

So ... I will be personally contacting directly everyone who is affected by this shortfall, and offering inducements to switch to another Anorak or another product or wait for the next production run or ...

I'm completely open as to what arrangements we might make. Starting offer:

  • $100 refund to wait for next production run ... OR
  • $100 refund to switch to another Anorak (different weight of Drab, or Lynx or Duff)
  • Watch Cap plus Neck Gaiter to either wait or switch
  • 100% refund plus $100 payment or credit to withdraw
  • I'll be glad to hear other ideas!!

I'll sweeten the offers as necessary until enough people have accepted alternative arrangements.

And if, for example, several people with waiting on Large Drab MidWeight are OK switching to Large Drab FullWeight, I may be contacting a few people who have paid for Large Drab FullWeight to see if they will accept some alternative. So, until all this is resolved, I'm sitting on some other Anorak sizes/weights.

This sitch is a great example of why I hate to promise anything not already in my possession. In the case of these Anoraks, and actually just about everything else we do, after over three years with almost no Fabric production -- when about all we were doing was collecting no-deposit backorders, I needed to find a way to  let people commit, and thought I was OK once the garments actually went into production.

Thanks for bearing with me and I'd love to hear your thoughts!

--- Ralph / Ralph@WeatherWool.com / 973-943-3110 (mobile)


24 July 2021 --- Ralph